480 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair
(973) 509-2273

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Carl John Tabucol

Very great establishment with vegan options. I love this place! Only reason why I gave a four, is that they did not have a bar. I don't drink, but I was craving for a Shirley temple. I just got ginger ale! Great customer service and I went all out with my food!!!

Bemin Ghobreal

Thus place is awesome ! I love the digital menu idea really awesome . The internal if the place is also pretty awesome, it has the tavern Feeling. The best part in here is there food, there sandwiches was really delicious and yummy.I gave this place Only 4 stars for two reasons:- the Fries was Cold- the server was slow and would forget us for hours lolBut over all Highly recommend it.


This location quality has lowered significantly. I try to be pretty understanding considering the current situation, however the food quality was poor (undercooked burgers and mushy fries) and the prices are still quite high. Also the wait staff is not the greatest (rude and forgot items). I'd recommend bareburger, but at another location because i know the food and service can be fantastic just not here.

Trendy Topic Tiff

Excellent service , outdoor seating available, seated quickly, electronic menus, vegan friendly. This was my first or second time trying a vegan meal, I ordered the original impossible burger with fries. Everything was really good. The nuggets were good as well, try the mango jalapeño teriyaki sauce.Definitely recommended , definitely would return!

Nikita P.

The food is great! It was warm and well Made! Our waitress was nice but she messed up our order. We wanted one veggie burger and mentioned how we are sharing it along with our onion rings and fries. But she came out with two burgers and one of them was not even the burger we asked for! Legit never discussed having that burger. We did not want to make a fuss so we took it but I am not sure how she missed the entire conversation between us discussing which burger patty we wanted. She still charged us for it which is fine but I think we shoulda told her manager to ensure she learns for the next time! (Also the comment from bare burger responding to my post says HEY KELLY... my name isn't Kelly LOL)

Marcos Mundarain

Excelent the best place for hamburger in NJ. Both options are awesome vegan and organic

Matthew C.

Have never had a bad experience at a Bareburger. Its a great option for dine-in or take-out. Vegan options.

Irais Rubio

Love their burgers. You will not get disappointed. Yummy!! ?

Kelly P.

Delicious per usual! I love the variety that they offer but their menu isn't overwhelming either. Great place for double dates or date night.

Alosha A.

The good is good. But the service tonight was terrible. My husband got an order to go. He ordered the forager, which was raw. That's what I'm the picture. He legit had to take the patty and fry it himself when he got home. He also ordered on regular fries and one sweet potato. He was charged for and received an extra order of fries, which we didn't want. He also asked for bbq sauce and that wasn't in the bag either. It was just a disappointing experience.

Leslie G.

If you're craving a nice greasy cheeseburger, this place is it! The beef patty is well seasoned and I especially love their organic ketchup and sweet potato fries! Definitely one of the better places for a good burger!

Pamela Greenfield

First time being at this cool resturant with a friend. The animal heads on fancy Victorian garb is fun , open setting, comfortable to eat inside, wonderful service.I loved the dill pickles, lemonade, the vegan burger. Grateful for have vegan options. Thank you so much.

Femme F.

Terrible service outdoor seating. Everyone working was just hanging around too, I was flabbergasted.

Alora Dear

I love this place so much, however I would like if the brought back some of the fry options. Other than that, vegan options are amazing and the regular food is amazing too! Over all very welcoming environment, and staff are super nice! Definitely would recommend!

Marc K

Great vegetarian options. Food is well prepared. Milkshakes are great. Only four stars because of price.

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