Cafe Moso

307 Orange Rd, Montclair
(973) 860-7400

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Lizabeth Phelps

My daughter and I went here for lunch last Saturday and loved every single thing about it. The servers are sweet and charming and attentive, and the food is fantastic! We shared the Brussels sprouts, Caesar salad and I had the blackened salmon sandwich, which was *perfection*!! I highly, highly recommend! Will return often. :-)

Pier Villanueva

Cafe Moso is a treasure! While all the staff is incredible, today I had the pleasure of being served by Justin. The atmosphere is festive, the food isdelicious....compliments to the chef! I highly recommend dining at Cafe Moso!

Kelsey E.

I am in LOVE with cafe moso, I ordered the blackened salmon burger with Mac & cheese ... 3 days in a row lol. It's the sauce & the pico de Gallo for me!

Emily S.

I am in town visiting relatives and found Cafe Moso by its good reviews. Friends from NYC met me for Sunday brunch. Honestly, when I arrived, I was surprised that it is "off the beaten path" and doesn't look like much from the outside. Inside is lovely, open, pleasant, and they are so careful about social distancing. The 5 stars are for the food and service. Both are fabulous. If I lived here, it would become my go-to place. Thank you Cafe Moso!

Lorraine Bee

The food is very tasty.Great place to vist.Will be back for sure.

Edith Minnicks

Great service, great weather, could eat outside or inside, chose to eat inside.

Matthew S.

We came here when Covid was starting to recede and had a great meal. This time, not so much. Our waiter was nice but very inexperienced. 4 of us sat on time and were told the specials. After a few we were ready to order, only to be told that they were out of all the specials. We regrouped and were ready to order off the menu only to be told that 2 menu items were unavailable. Weird. This was Saturday nite at 7:00. Hard for me to understand why they wouldn't have enough food plot meet the requirements of 6 or 7 tables (this is a small place). What we did order off the limited menu was good but not up to the chefs standards.

Ovril Maddan

The food is amazing, someone else described it ashardy comfort food with an upscale touch, I would agree. This is one of my favorite “go-to” spots now.

Rehana Deshpande

Amazing food. Fresh and delicious. The location is a little far from the main action and that made it way better. No overcrowded sidewalks. Could sit back and enjoy a really really good meal.

Michael M.

The service was very good. Cute decor. But the food was lacking. Chicken and waffles- chicken tasted like KFC and waffles were the ones you make yourself at buffet breakfasts. Pancakes were not as good as a diner. Cappuccino was like a machine at convenience store taste. Interesting that at 11 :39 am could not order yet from Mother's Day brunch menu. Will give them another chance.

Ann D.

Read the reviews and took a chance for a lunch reservation for a party of 6 pre-Mother's Day. The food was fantastic but the service woefully inadequate- server never offered to open our BYOB bottles, nor bring an ice bucket, then he must have forgotten my brother-in-laws Tuna Tower since the dish arrived @15 mins after the other 5 hot meals were all placed on the table. The waiter apologized for the delay, but it made no sense how the only raw dish ordered was so delayed. On top of that the "tower" was more like a mound, tasty but under-welming. Things went down hill from there when without even asking if we cared for dessert and coffee, the waiter slapped the bill on the table. When I asked for the dessert menu, he came back and said "oh we are not serving dessert today"--- how can a restaurant not offer dessert even on a holiday weekend???!!!! I've never heard of such craziness. Then both waiters came to our table and said a party of 9 was due in so we needed to pay up and leave-- ASOUNDINGLY rude service! And such a disappointing experience. Perhaps only take out is better, but given how much we spent on lunch I truly expected a much better experience. Ann Dery 05/08/2021

Mel H.

Our first visit here. Loved the food and the ambience. Portions were large and the food was delightful. We will be back.

Marnie B.

Had dinner with friends outside on Friday night. The food is amazing. Lots of choices and the staff was extremely helpful and attentive. We even met the owner. She was great ! Will go back very soon. Thx !!!

Anna Rowland

The food here really is amazing. Great portion sizes and fair prices. Tonight we ordered the tuna tower for $18 and it was the largest tuna tartare I’ve ever seen and tasted absolutely incredible. Worth every penny. The brisket was also so good and the mac and cheese is always a hit. Last time we came here we got a lamb dish which was insanely good. The service is iffy but just be patient and ask when you need something-everyone on staff is really wonderful and friendly! The manager alexis is also lovely and was there for us when we needed her. Will be back again.

Corrigan Vaughan

I'm admittedly a creature of habit, but the mushroom salad at Cafe Moso has never disappointed me in the past two years.

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