De Novo European Pub

275 Bellevue Ave, Montclair
(973) 893-5008

Recent Reviews

Carol O'Connell

Excellent service! Food very tasty, large portion!

Benjamin A.

The place is really nice. Been warned that you're pretty much yelling at each other to talk which was true. They start you off with the garlic bread which reminds me the Pizza Hut's garlic bread that I love!!! The papperdelle pasta was really good! Would definitely come back.

Tiffany Hart

Really great food and atmosphere. The escargo was amazing! I would definitely go again.

Malou C.

Nice spot for dinner or a quick bite. This place is located at the Upper Montclair train station. Our server and the staff were very attentive. They were amazing with ensuring that they understood my food allergies. Thank you for taking good care of me. I definitely will be back. There is indoor and outdoor dining. The tables are spaced apart so you don't feel like you're on top of your neighbor. The only disappointing part of my experience was that they do not carry Moscato.

Nims Gali

Excellent service! Wants to visit the place again .

Eve E.

Patrick was amazing. His attention to detail is unmatched! So accommodating and friendly #espressomartini

Cydney B.

Met a friend for drinks and dinner at De Novo. Reservations are always a good idea but it wasn't crazy busy. Parking is super easy, but be mindful the outdoor seating is literally right by the train tracks. I didn't mind but some other reviews seem to be bothered by it. Had a few glasses of rose, service was great and the food was good- do I need to rush back? Probably not, but good spot and worth the visit if your around.

Carol F.

I went to De Novo to celebrate the last day of school after an incredibly difficult year. I ordered the risotto which was very tasty. I appreciated that their was a thoughtful vegetarian option and it was delicious. We ordered a mint ice cream that was exceptional. It was so delicious and fresh. The service was good. When I bill arrived we split the bill on two cards. I left the tip on the table instead of the card. When checking my bank account I noticed that I was charged $80.24 instead of $60.24. I left a $12 tip on the table and wrote ( tip on table) on the bill. My sister put her tip on her card. So now I am out $20. I am still trying to resolve this with y bank. It's a bummer to have to deal with this.

Christina P.

Food was OK. Customer service not so great. Felt super rushed and waiters attitude was careless. We couldn't put in apps first everything had to be ordered together. Restaurant is also located right off the train tracks so if your eating outside be aware.

Sharon C.

I have never felt so unwelcome in a restaurant in my life. We greeted the first employee we saw, from a distance of about 5 feet, who was standing still and looking at her phone at the front of the house on a Friday at 5pm. The restaurant was empty except for a couple at the bar with a friendly hello. She looked up from the phone, and barely responded but definitely did not smile. Our next encounter was with the hostess. Again n, no warm greeting or smile. She checked our reservation and started to lead us outside. When I said, pleasantly, that we would prefer inside, she curtly replied "You requested outside". I said that there must be a misunderstanding- I did not request that. With great annoyance she went to the iPad and after an awkward 2-3 minutes, she called the manager over. I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed. She never said anything like "No problem!" On the contrary she made it seem like it was a big problem and remember, all of the tables were literally empty. The manager came over and was pleasant. He brought us to a nice table. However, the next individual we encountered was also rude. He extended the laminated QR code card and instructed us to scan it. I mistakenly went to take it from his hand and was immediately scolded as he yanked it backward and said curtly "Don't touch it. Just scan it." It was the second time in 10 minutes that I felt embarrassed when I had previously been excited about a delicious dining experience with my family. The food was great,but an establishment that wants to be truly great does not treat customers the way we were treated.

Nerissa B.

Really good neighborhood spot. I can't believe I just discovered this after 4 years of living here. The staff and service are outstanding. The food can be slightly salty but overall very good. I've been here twice and it's been a consistent and delicious experience.

Carrie Lawson

We met another couple for dinner here, and everyone enjoyed it! I ordered the red sangria, which was very delicious! The bread and dipping sauce they bring you is very good. Then, I ordered the pappardelle with short rib, which I devoured. It was so very good! My husband enjoyed his pesto pasta. It was a strong pesto, which he really liked. I got the brownie for dessert, which was good but wasn't as incredible as my meal. The brownie was good and very rich. It was served with a salted caramel ice cream, which was good but the flavor was lost because of the richness of the brownie. Overall, we were very pleased with our experience, drinks, bread, and main course!

anthony bonner

Was a terrific night. Terrific service at the bar. Super friendly and attentive staff all around. The food was very delicious and we're looking forward to our next visit.

Alekos Polis

Creative dishes. Good atmosphere. Overall great experience. Only downfall was how close our table was to the kitchen.


Austin was a great server and made us feel really welcome. Also extremely attentive. Food was great and all at a reasonable price.

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