Montclair Diner

613 Valley Rd, Montclair
(973) 746-0911

Recent Reviews

Jonathan Roybal

Fantastic diner food. Get waffles and the candied walnuts.

joseph masiello

It really is a shame, when a great place goes down the drain. I used to love going to Montclair Diner. Gus, the former owner (he's since retired), was a wonderful man. The food was consistently great. But over the last few months, it's been consistently awful: cold French fries, hockey puck burgers, cold slices of the wrong cheese on the burger, eggs not prepared correctly, food taking forever to arrive even when the diner is empty. New management is running the place into the ground. I believe I'll bring my business elsewhere. Tonight was the last straw. There were four of us in our party, and three of our orders were a disaster. It took FOREVER for the food to arrive. Nothing was right, everything was cold and soggy. Disgusting. Waste of money. We all decided that we'll be meeting somewhere else from now on. Such a shame.

Anita Sims Rainford

Our server, Samantha was excellent! I was with a party of 8. She was personable, efficient, and patient. The food was great. Portions were generous. Spacious outdoor dining was a definite bonus. My favorite was the blueberry pancakes - packed full of juicy fresh blueberries.I didn't order the shrimp and grits, but will do so next time, based on recommendations from others. Eliot Mosby was super welcoming and thoughtful. I highly recommend Montclair Diner. FYI. There's a parking lot in back of the restaurant, if you can't find parking on Valley Road.

Lamoi Carrasco

Really good food. Chicken and waffles was fantastic, shrimp and grits was the best i had in years but the indoor dining needs updating but overall fantastic meal. The best diner food i had ever.

Fred Moscatello

Good service and good food

Jeri C.

Good food and good people. Authentic diner experience with great food and people who care about their customers and community and it shows.

Winnie Lam

This is our go to diner. Whenever I ask my four year old where to go she says the diner. I have 2 young children and this place is very child friendly. The staff are great and the food is good. Sometimes it’s hard finding a place which welcomes kids but this place does. One of the owner always checks to make sure everyone is happy and if something isn’t right, he fixes it. The server checks too so really you can’t leave this place unhappy!

Jay Grosso

They got my order completely wrong. I didn’t eat. They were empty and service was terrible. Overpriced for not getting a meal.

Andrea Picon

We gave the diner a chance based on reviews. The service was amazing, staff were all attentive and waitress was extremely nice and patient. We order calamari to start, it was indeed tasty, crispy, and it was gone before we could take a picture. I also ordered a burger, salmon platter, and chicken fingers. The burger was juicy and tasty, the cheese made it all better. Fries were golden and crispy. The salmon was cooked well and had good flavor. I didn’t try the chicken nuggets but my son enjoyed them. I think I am ready to try additional items and continue to review but if you are in the area and hungry, the food is worth the bite!

Marsha Williams- Nicholas

Great service... The owner is absolutely could never tell he was the owner. He wipes customers.. so mannerable.. I only realized that he was the owner when my husband told me.Great meals..great service..great atmosphere

Anthony Bonnett

Since the change of ownership the MD has stepped up it's game. Many of the traditional diner favorites are there along with seasonal breakfast lunch and dinner specials. Including dishes like a keto friendly eggs Benedict which was tasty. A solid cup of coffee as well!

adrien nicholas

This is my first visit, there was a house dj crew playing. Was busy at the time. But the was seated under 15 mins (party of 5). The atmosphere was relaxed and child/ teenagee friendly. I would return again. There are parking spots nearby the train station.

Jazmin A.

Always super kind, and always always has my order on time, I constantly pick up from here because my boyfriends work is right down the street. They have been super amazing especially during Covid!

Sheila Salaam

Very nice quaint little neighborhood diner. Staff was great. Accepted our reservation. Typical diner menu. Shantay kudos to you for being flexible!!

Wendy Spinner

The lunch brunch meal was excellent. The staff are hard working and professional. I felt like I was sitting in my own home because of their hospitality.

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