Mr. Dino's

119 Watchung Ave, Montclair
(973) 783-7110

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Jonas Fishman

Ive always loved Mr dino's. pizza and garlic knots are incredible, very friendly staff. I had to wait and ask again for my pre order pizza other than that always great.

Jacob Sailer

One person who works here ruined everything for me. Will never go back. Totally unprofessional and rude. You know who you are.

Rhys Derrick

I’ve been here most my life they treat you with respects and are family owned. Great spot

Alvin Sutton (Peewee)

excellent pizza I'm from Montclair and every time I get a chance to go to Mr dinos I'm there love it ??????????

Tracey Y. Smith

The turkey and provolone sub was perfect, pure Jersey! Delicious!

Nevan J. Medina (Smartboard Kicks)

It was a good one. Been going here for years and they deliver every time

Angel L Rodriguez

2 words.. GRANDMA PIE. Mr. Dino and his staff treat you as family. Their pizza is top on the list. Don't hesitate, get over there and get some today!

Paul Luna

Delicious there pizza is so good . Just make sure they have your order correct.

Caroline P.

It saddens me to write this review. As a local of Montclair, I have been going to Mr. Dino's since I was a literal child. I recently ordered a plain pie to my place for delivery. Nothing crazy. But after waiting a while and closing time quickly approaching, I called to politely ask about when my pizza would arrive. The owner picked up and when I told him I had not yet received my order, he tells me straight up "well, it was delivered. Someone got it". I'm telling him no one got it, at least not in my house (confirmed this was the case, too). He just tried telling me again that "someone got it".... okay bet but not the person who paid for it. I wasn't offered a refund, a new pizza, nothing. Never getting my business again and everyone I've told about this agrees. Sad.

Chris T.

Pizza is solid. Plain cheese is typical Noth Jersey slice. If you moved to DC or Philly, you would really miss it. It's no 3 Brothers from Italy down the shore, but it is solid. The #5 Italian sub is GREAT - a favorite of mine, and I think their meatballs are the BEST. The meatball parm sub is PERFECT, especially if you get a side of extra meatballs for dipping the breat, which is, for some reason, a little better than a lot of other places. I Just ate at Salute yesterday, and got a $28 salty meatball dish. I just thought, Mr. Dino's has the best meatballs, and for $6 - COME ON!

Sarah P.

I was at the coffee shop next door visiting a friend and I still had some time left on my meter so I decided to check this place out. Just walked in and ordered a slice, they didn't have sit down dining open, just a little pick up window. Listen, the slice was more on the expensive side because I'm used to paying like $2/2.50 a slice but when it came out and I saw those big ol pepperonis it made sense. It took them only like 2 minutes to heat up my pizza, and it tasted delicious, esp the gigantic pepperoni. Never had that on a pizza before.

Shakirah S.

Observed service with no mask or gloves! He handled the pizza without any gloves AND to make it worst. Returned to making a pizza after touching money. Can you say F for being sanitary?

Heather L.

We grabbed takeout here a few days ago after hearing it's been in business for over 40 years. We did a pickup order and it was ready pretty much ready when promised 30 mins later. The pizza is your classic slice - I'm a fan. It was exactly what you want your standard pizza to taste like - cheesy, good sauce ratio, and chewy but soft crust. We also got a side of calamari which was surprisingly crunchy, flavorful, and hearty. A huge portion for $11.95! We also got a kids pasta with a meatball which was a good portion. The meatball, though, was on the average side. Definitely recommend when you are in the mood for some classic pizza!

Rich V.

I used to live nearby and because of it's proximity I visited Mr. Dino's several times. Bottom line, this is 3rd rate pizza and the staff could do better as well...They are sort of neutral/indifferent toward the patrons. After withstanding this mediocrity for too long I discovered Vinny's on Broad Street in Bloomfield. Everything about it is far superior to this place.

Milind Shah

The best pizza around here. Consistently great pizza.

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