The Little Daisy Bake Shop

622 Valley Rd, Montclair
(973) 707-2157

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Barbara H.

The hours listed in Yelp and elsewhere online appear to be incorrect. This past weekend I stopped on a Sunday and they were closed. A handwritten sign announced they would be closed on Sunday yet open on Tuesday. This is the same number of days (5 days) it has been open since reopening after COVID. An Instagram posting implies that because of being shortstaffed they're now closing on Sunday (yet opening on Tuesday?). It does not appear to be a temporary scheduling change. Their products are definitely five-star. I just feel that for a bakery to be closed on Sunday is a mistake. It is a busy entertaining day and I would not want to pick up cake on Saturdays to serve on Sunday. I would also hate to go anywhere else. I hope they reconsider. I also think it's pretty important to change all online schedule postings if this is the case. Instagram seems to only have the correct hours.

Adam C.

The problem is if you don't pre-order or go in early they run out all the good stuff and everything is good! Nut free is also key, that makes everything easy to never worry about! Place is all right with me.

Sophia P.

I've been here twice now and can vouch for the cinnamon rolls, all the scones and the zucchini cake. It's small and a tight squeeze - no lingering, two patrons in at a time - but worth getting a selection to share with friends. The photos here are of all the goodies I've yet to try!

Kristine Bell

Friendly staff. Classy cake. Delicious scones. Fairly priced. Definitely recommend!

Janet Randall

I love their products! The website is unclear. I went through the ordering process to buy a birthday cake. They have the next pick up date to be 6/4/2021. Today is th second and they are not answering the phone.

Bryan Dittemer

They messed up the order for my friends baby's party and delivered the desserts to somewhere else. I don't know who is enjoying the cakes she paid for, but now myself and a few others had to bring emergency desserts to save the party.You cost me money, so now I'm taking the time to leave a bad review for your incompetence and lack of good customer service.

Joe J

Got a birthday cake here last year. It was pretty good. It is a nice shop with lots of great options.

Scott Keller

Wow, just had one of their cupcakes and it was exceptional. Delicious buttercream and moist, perfect cake. I really want to order my next custom cake from here!!

Marc K

Have gone here in occasion and their cookies and cakes are good. We ordered for birthday celebration and they were friendly, easy to work with, flexible, and the kids loved it. Their staple cookies are good - just would wish for a bit more variety.

Noland Purefoy

Best cupcakes in NJ.

Thressa Irving

The cupcakes were delicious the customer service was subpar. It was our first time in the store and we will not be coming back.I went inside with my daughter and husband to get my sweet little two-year-old a cupcake and scope out a place to get cupcakes and a cake for an upcoming birthday. The employee behind the register was not welcoming when we first walked in or helpful when we asked questions like what a certain item was.Then two other customers came in as we were placing our order and for a small local shop I was surprised they also weren’t greeted when entering As I mentioned had delicious cupcakes but given our experience of feeling rushed and a “ you order on line” when asked how to buy a cake we won’t be back.

Scott G.

Even through a double face covering the aromas emanating from this little gem of a bake shop are beyond intoxicating. From the scrumptious cupcakes, to the raspberry squares, to the ooey gooey fudgy brownies to the extra crumby crumb cake, these baked delights are worth spending some extra time on the treadmill or the spin bike. Thankfully, The Little Daisy is closed Mondays and Tuesdays to allow me to munch on some hamster food such as celery and carrots. An added plus, the owner and the people behind the counter are as sweet as their treats. This Little Daisy is one you'll want to pick again and again.

Kimberly Giang

Seriously the most amazing cinnamon rolls I've ever had! Staff is always very friendly. Love getting treats from here!

Linda G.

Not only are their baked goods delicious, but they are so friendly and helpful! They deliver too!! What more could you ask for during this insane time??

Aiden Walsh

Little Daisy Bake shop I think, is the best bakery in New Jersey. I am allergic to peanuts and treenuts, and it's great that they are peanut and tree nut free. Great Place!

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