Tinga Taqueria

215 Bellevue Ave, Montclair
(973) 509-8226

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Leslie Walker

I was craving Mexican food so I ordered chicken tacos with rice and beans. I was excited and my husband ordered the chicken tinga. Whoever is cooking completely forgot what MEXICAN food is about, FLAVOR! This place has zero to nil flavor. Mexican food is NOT supposed to be bland. I could have made better tacos at home. So disappointed, my husbands dish was also lacking flavor - even worse than mine and that’s supposed to be their specialty! People please don’t be afraid to add some salt and cumin! Please!Went three weeks ago.

Rachel Moore

Not impressed. Quesadillas were supposed tohave cheese last time I checked. Also, idk who you think you’re fooling but the Tostitos salsa? Come on people.

Colin M.

Absolutely disgusting. Threw up as soon as I got to the parking lot. Not even an overexaggeration. Chicken barely even looked cooked. Didn't even give straws for the drinks either during a pandemic. Thank god Cold Stone is a few doors down so I could wash the taste out of my mouth. 0/100 stars. Mexican Taco Salad was the pits

Alex C.

One of my favorite spots in Montclair. Nice big portions, staff is so friendly. They always treat you like a regular. Everything is fresh and made on the spot comes out nice and hot. Their guacamole is awesome! I highly recommend this place if you're in the area.

coupellife On Instagram

Spinach and cheese quesadilla were great burrito was flavorful and the chicken fingers and french fries were freight to perfection

Melanie Byrd

I normally like their food. Haven't had it in awhile due to COVID but when I went yesterday, it was not up to par. My quesadilla was thrown together. It didn't even close I had to fold it and they accidentally put onions in it. I am sure this would have been better if I are there but it is a no go on the pick up for me. Giving it a 3 because I know they can do better. I know they are rushing but I want my food made with care.

Stacy Lyons-Gutierrez

Tinga is our go to takeout place. My kids LOVE the small chicken burritos and chips and that’s a huge win!

Marc S.

Excellent food at a very reasonable price. We had a shrimp fajita in a burrito and a brisket burrito. Each dish was enough for dinner with enough left over for lunch. IDK if it's real Mexican or not, it's just good food. We will be ordering again.

Chuck Rose

Always good! thank you!

Sreeni Nair

Had a dinner delivered from Tinga. Great food! Normally, the tacos are not the greatest food for takeout/delivery, but by ingeniously using a hard/soft taco combinations, they have solved that problem :) Their fare has some unique dishes. Everything was tasty. No complaints.


Unspeakably unmannered owner, cursing 'B-' to an Asian female customer after being called "Chink, Chink' by one of their employees. Does anyone like to have this kind of experience, esp. in Upper Montclair?

Mike Kovach

Two of three items ordered were wrong, blamed on new system yet order receipt print out and email confirmation both state what was ordered.Update yes David you offered to refund my meal but you never offered to deliver it. You said you would credit my next meal, which is the same thing tinga millburn offered me before to which they wouldn’t credit. Oh and the other stipulation was drive back to you with the wrong order and you will replace it as I stated that is a 30 minute round trip for me and it wasn’t worth the $36 I spent at your restaurant. Not to mention you didn’t have any singles to give me as change and offered me quarters to which I just bought a bottle of hot sauce instead. Please don’t make up lies on google to try and make your restaurant look better. And don’t blame a system when both bills email and paper stated what we ordered not to mention the kitchen print out. Also side avocado means side not inside the food. Don’t worry we won’t be back there’s plenty of places that offer the same food as you. You’re right the pandemic has been hard on all of us especially the restaurant industry, and honestly I wasn’t going to leave a review and just let it go. But when your staff talks down to my wife and I and refuses to put a manager on the phone after the first request that’s a problem.

Stephanie Staszak

Nice workers, good food. Parking is ok. They were very willing to customized my burrito.

Conor Stout

Had a great experience here with my kid. The food arrives rapidly and the customer service is just good. Prices are affordable.

Nellie Rodriguez

Love this place, Food is great, and the people Amazing,Ask For Raydi Best customer service we ever had. We recommend it 120%

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