Veggie Heaven

631 Valley Rd, Montclair
(973) 783-1088

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My sister and her family keep kosher and they go here for takeout all the time. We've gone here to get takeout when visiting and never been disappointed. They have "BBQ ribs" (really seitan) and much much more.

Timothy Doherty

Good food with an extensive menu Always consistent. Top notch service. The best location in my opinion.

Maryann B.

If I could give this place ZERO stars I would! Very pricy and the food is not worth it. The restaurant was almost empty not sure what the reason for that was, but it didn't give me a good feeling. I would not recommend it. There are other places which are much better. Suggest you find them and go elsewhere. The service isn't great, took the waiter forever to take our order and didn't check on us if we needed anything. Take your business somewhere else! Good day

Anoop Kondavaty

A vegan’s paradise! Every dish is just amazing and the service is personable and friendly.A great place for family.

Christina O.

I absolutely love this place. Last week was the first time I've visited in such a long time due to the pandemic. The food is still fresh and the environment is still welcoming. The menu didn't reflect anything new but all of my favorites are still there! I am so glad they did not move or close indefinitely because the location is awesome. The restaurant is located on the main strip in Montclair with a bunch of my favorite stores.

Aditi L.

FULLY VEGAN SPOT I had: - Assorted Dim Sum - Sushi (SO GOOD, MAGICAL) - House Special Rice Noodles (thin noodles) - Yam Fries (these were tempura style) - Scallion Pancake (only item I don't recommend) I didn't get dessert but was tempted when I saw so many vegan cakes displayed in the back fridge. Huge, spacious spot. Tonssss of options. So far, everyone is still wearing masks. So excited to go back!


So good. You like vegetarian food? Go now.

Jessie R.

This food is amazing!! I am vegan gluten free and was able to order a ton of food. I went in to order food for take out and the man in the front was able to help me pick a few items off the menu. The roasted pork appetizer was amazing as well as the mango chicken, the pork chop entree. You can not tell that nothing what meat. Not everything is labeled on the menu so I would definitely ask what they can make for you. But I will 100% be coming back the food was amazing!

Amos E.

Treat yourself to a pleasurable Asian meal while staying true to your veganism! The food here is great period! I have not once had an experience that was less than satisfying, no matter what I ordered. The dishes are so good one does not miss meat or fish in them. It is well suited for a family. The service is pleasant and attentive. There are two floors which allow proper spacing. If you are vegetarian or vegan this is a go-to place.

Elle B.

Hmm, hit or miss, I guess depending on the chef! I have come numerous times and the first two times were the best. It has gone downhill since then and although I love the concept of truly vegan Chinese food I might have to leave this place alone...ok, maybe one more try...BUT THATS IT lol! And they're not cheap! Kinda pricey but idc if the food is good But it's not, or hasn't been for a few.... I will try again once more and update my review Ok good x-D


Absolutely love this Restaurant .A pure Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant with amazing food ?.in their Menu they mentioned the original name like Chicken,Shrimp,Fish etc..,but everything is Fake Meat which is made of Soy or Tofu.I loved Vegetable Sushi roll

Dominick Zara

Extremely tasty. Great quality. Freshness just pops through. Server was awesome. Did not disappoint.

Christopher C.

Solid place for vegan Chinese food. I still prefer their Teaneck location better but the food is still good. It is an amazing healthy alternative for the same Chinese food that people enjoy and their menu also includes sushi. This trip we ordered the general Taos chicken, peanut noodles, sweet and sour pork, and some sushi rolls. The used plant based meat which kinda made them taste the same but the sauces are very similar to the ones you would find at a regular Chinese restaurant.

Santasha's Cooking Tonight

The foodand service were excellent. I was amazed at the creativity with the vegan dishes. I had the whole sweet and sour fish. Even though we knew there was no actual meat, the preparation really tricked the mind. Prices were very reasonable. Definitely will be back.

Carmona Cadet

This was my fourth time going there. I also enjoyed it there. It is truly a heaven for vegan and vegetarian folks like me. Great variety from appetizers to desserts.

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