Garden State Diner

Terminal C Gate 109, Newark
(973) 648-6791

Recent Reviews

Shane Hugs

Took an hour to get our food, then the order was wrong and cold. They're extremely understaffed, the manager is running the take away and there's only 1 waitress for the main room. This is a failure of higher management, understaffing a restaurant with high turn over is economical until you factor in all the people who walk away. Overall, terrible experience.

Chris C.

Worst pos turkey club sandwich I've ever had.Paid 54$ for this crap .8 or 9 employees standing around with their finger up their...Doesn't matter now though,probably won't be in this airport ever again.

Kaylin Wilson

Not exactly sure where all the five star reviews are coming from. Staff was short and unhelpful. I asked if I could add an item onto my sandwich and they said that it “came premade.” If I’m paying 13 dollars for a sandwich that’s the size of a McDonalds cheeseburger, I would like to at least be able to get something fresh. I agree with what other reviewers have said—if this place wasn’t at an airport where people are desperate for something to eat, it would be out of business. I was also told that each sandwich came with a side of fries… all I got was a microwaved sandwich.

Carlos Leon

I was impressed by the food. It was tasty and well made. Definitely made the wait bearable.

Evan Jones

How can you give this less than 5 stars? Is there anywhere in the country where you can get a plate of eggs, potatoes, meat and toast for $10 in an airport? I mean, come on. It won't be the best breakfast of your life, but it's a cozy place, and you'll fill your belly before your flight.

Lisa Fagley

Reuben Sandwich was cooked to order and super tasty! Very well priced for the airport.

Foo Bar

Awesome burgers. Pocket friendly.

Marcos Huamanchumo

Great food and staff always so kind.

Stephanie Castro

Great food! The staff was so so nice and made sure to ask for any extras I wanted. Definitely recommend if you’re waiting for your flight in this airport gate!

Jennifer White

Such nice people and great service!

Nik Patel

I had a connecting flight diverted to EWR Airport for international travels. The kind lady at the counter was very friendly, made a great veggie burger ' and was quick to explain the items that were there. Their location at the terminal due to Covid might have definitely affected their business though found the place peaceful altogether.

Grant P.

They are not following their own rules.  The staff won't make you any food after 6pm?   They wouldn't even make a milkshake at 6:01.  Between 6-7:30 pm the staff will only sell old food in the case or nothing at all.


Those brioche-laden breakfast Sandwiches are out of this world. You cannot go wrong with the Egg, Cheese, and Bacon nor with the Egg, Cheese, and Sausage... i got both and ate BOTH! The service from the Polish Lady WAS OUTSTANDING. I stopped, again, on my way back to Boston... and she REMEMBERED ME! The sausage is actual link sausage, sliced and then it goes on the sandwich. The bacon is great too (both items are not the typical processed, boxed commercial varieties... you can instantly tell it is good-quality. I will be stopping there A LOT.

Kara Huchel

wouldnt go anywhere else for breakfast at a diner, has that authentic diner feel and jazzy music! and most importantly, FANTASTIC food!

Manuela de Sousa

I am waitin at my gate right now amd decided to go for a coffee and chocolate croissant here. Never in my life i was served with something like this!! Croissamt was so hard when i pressed it broke apart all over the table and.floor. I asked to have it replaced, thinking this was a bad one, that got forgetten ( fir days !!! ) and got a simple croissant instead...This one was as hard ! I could not stick my finger in it !! This is unacceptable. I asked the Manager why she was selling that old food, shr said she was.going to trash it. I hope.I saved some travelers from the same ordeal today !! And Thx god i did not try their breakfast sandwiches, which the server told mre were fresh .

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