Luigi's Italian Tradition

561 Bloomfield Ave, Newark
(973) 481-9696

Recent Reviews

Nikki E

I called before I went to make sure they had lobster Alfredo pasta.. the waitress said yes... got there, ordered & they say they have plain Alfredo pasta only... mind u we already ordered appetizers! U talking about being annoyed! Omg beyond.. I called to avoid jus that & it happened any way.... uuugghhb

Butch Maynard

Very friendly, great food and moderately priced! Definitely worth coming back again and again!

Natália Jon Tenempaguay

The pene vodka was the best I’ve ever tasted out of all the pene vodkas I’ve tried Luigis takes home the gold

Old Pro Chef

Love this place. Great people. Hands down the best chicken Parmigian ever

Lillian Richards

Had a wonderful time. Waitress very pleasant. Food was yummy. The Chocolate Molten. Mmmm so good.

Rosemary Taylor

This is a small but warm and friendly Italian restaurant . The food is very good but exceptionally reasonable . The management allows you to take your time and fully enjoy the food , ambience, and your guests . We always enjoy ourselves here and will come back more frequently .

Devindra S.

I've been eating here since I was a little kid, and even as an adult, I must say that this place has the best Italian food that one can ask for! Aside from the food, the staff is always so friendly, and the service is always superb! I'd give a 100/5 if I could :)

Art Devre

Luigi's is with out any hesitation the best TRUE ITALIAN FOOD RESTAURANT in North Jersey if not all of NJ. I grew up in Brooklyn NY and I am very familiar with good Italian food and they got it down. There food is always fresh and delicious. You know the food is good when everyone eats all the side dishes that come with your dinners . They are very generous with the portion sizes . HIGHLY RECOMMEND . Love the parm dinners and appetizers and deserts and coffee. And my compliments to the hard working staff they are so kind and they keep the place very clean.

Bill Mikesell

Luigi’s restaurant is one of the best places in Newark for a laid-back atmosphere. The staff were wonderful and the food is even better. The atmosphere is lively and brings good days to Newark’s North Ward.

Jesus Cox

Very neat and convenient spot. They serve generous portions and for fair rates. We enjoyed the meals very much and the staff were super personal and chatty. Will definitely recommend this place.

Raziya Karriem

The food was DELICIOUS, the aroma's alone will make your mouth water. The Staff was warm, personable, upbeat and inviting. The atmosphere was also warm, comfortable and laid back. Very clean, which is so important at this time. I will definitely go back and I wholeheartedly recommend that you visit too.

Haslett Colligan

This is a great small family Italian restaurant that takes reservations. We are always looking for the non-conventional and off the grid restaurants that tells a story. This one does it. You can tell by some of the photographs that this was just one of those places. They have a secure parking lot across the street- press the button and they let you in; also there are lots of places on the street. Luigi’s is located right on the boarder of Newark on Bloomfield Ave. It is a place where you would expect the Sopranos to walk in. Every dish is nicely prepared in the typical Italian flare. Last night on the specials was a huge double cut veal chop over broccoli rabe- Looking around at every item proved that they variety was good and the servings and presentation plentiful. Be sure to have the Clams Casino, stuffed artichoke and split a Caesar salad. One of the best I have had. Prices are medium to high and well deserved for the quality and size of the entrée. This restaurant is a BYOB, and this makes it a high four stars for me in my book. I will return.

Cody Hancock

I frequent this marvelous place once a month because I love the ambiance that is unique to this restaurant. The personel is extremely attentive and well trained. The service is pretty quick. Also, the food they serve is good. I ate there many times and I was always joyful. The cost is honest. I suggest this place to all my friends.

Anthony B.

Been here 2 times this month. Both times fantastic! Absolutely amazing! Staff is great. Its like being at home! its BYOB with a store 10 feet away. Parking lot across the street if no street parking is available.

Aleena Vieyra

Disappointing service. Server was holding a phone to her ear while delivering food. (I have never in my life experienced this) before we got up server came to grab her tip/receipt. When we stood up to leave and server was in such a hurry to go home, she started taking the paper table cover off among other things you normally wait for a guest to leave before you start clearing. (we were standing putting on our coats and had not left the table yet). We were not even offered dessert. One Server sat at table next to us and played on her phone while waiting to go home. I was told they closed at 8:30.. we left at 8:20pm. I have never been so uncomfortable in an establishment in my life. Food however was fantastic!!!

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