Nico's Pizzeria & Grill- Subs

1038 S Orange Ave, Newark
(973) 399-9494

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Food doesn't taste the same as before.

David M.

Born and raised in Newark, I've been a fan of Nico's pizza for decades, followed them from there former location to here. It's their recipe for the sauce [pizza] and they're one of a few places that has bacon on the regular toppings menu. I can tell the difference between their slices and other places [by size alone...], the owners are great guys, always offering great service, prices and the food is memorable. Anytime I come back to Jersey for a visit, getting a slice is always on the menu...

Abdul Williams

Another FAVORITE of mine love the AUTHENTIC Italian NY Style Pizza. Also the menu is very extensive for a place of it's sort but trust and believe whatever taste lies on your tongue they will DEFINITELY SATISFY.

Darlene Wood

I have been going to this pizzeria for over 30 years. Consistently buying one slice at each visit. The slices are NY style. I love my slice of pepperoni pizza, fantastic.

Phillip Hall Jr

This is a place I have loved since my childhood.

Jamie Q Chambers

Wide Authentic,, italian and Greek offerings,, good hot sandwiches,, Big Pizza,,very polite and good hearts behind the counter,,and they wear matching Chef attire..Good place ?

Darian Hamlett

Great food and service. Cash only, but well worth it. Has that old feel of personal pride in providing good food to the community.

Sean Walker

OMG the steak and cheese with onions.and mushrooms is to die for....If i was on death row this would be my last meal....


There food Italian cheeseburger has really fell off. I have been coming here well over 16 years and I have basically been getting the same thing over the years that's an Italian cheeseburger with everything except peppers and i must say that there burger has really fell off. I understand due to corona a lot of restaurants have been trying to cut cost to survive. Maybe i will go back after all the corona bull is over maybe then i could get the best Italian cheeseburger in the city back again. Nicos has always been known gor good food for so many years. The nico brothers has always dine such a great job delivering great food for so many yearsI understand corona has everything all messed up with a lot of restaurants please continue to give the best food as you have always done for so many years. Until this corona is over i will no longer dine here.

suah yekeh

I love there chicken stake. Worth the money

John Kears

Legendary I hope they never close

Brandon O.

This is a quintessential local pizza spot. Not just great pizza and sandwiches but has the same atmosphere that I fell in love with when my dad would get takeout from here when he got off work. I need to visit this place again and go ham on the Italian philly cheesesteak. That thing still haunts my dreams.

Clayton Elliott

My fav spot for tasty pizza. Good place to relax and unwind. Menu is like a place in Miami I enjoyed

J Huang

One of my favorite places for tasty Pizza. It's so savory. Makes me feel like I in Nashville again.

Mercedes Rocha

My favorite location for Pizza. This place does it for me. If it wasn't far from my work I would come by more.

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Nico's Pizzeria & Grill- Subs

1038 S Orange Ave, Newark, NJ 07106
(973) 399-9494