Sol-Mar Restaurant

267 Ferry St, Newark
(973) 344-3041

Recent Reviews

Joao Manuel Dias

Excellent service and great food

matt tirp

Loved it. Great fresh seafood, full bar and attentive staff.

D.E. W.

Get the seafood platter for two with a large pictcher of red sangria. You'll thank me.

weverton carvalho

The older I get the more I trust their food and service.

Joyce Marcalo

Everything. It’s like being in Portugal. The owner is great. Talks to everyone at their table. Best restaurant in Newark

Orlando Miranda

Food was good,but the waiter might need a bit more of training, he should know the menu better and ready to reccomend. I Was there around noon and waiter said that they had ran out of creme brulee??? And lastly, the gratuity was included in a table of 2; the service was not to par, but I just paid the bill.will not return there, many other places to eat in area.


The owners of Ferry st. Not only they blocking sidewalks and parking spaces. Now they blocking crosswalk! This restaurant has a parking lot, so no reason to do nothing of this. Selfish and greedy owners! I am glad someone owns this City!Take your chairs and vans to your parking lot!! SmhBTW food here sucks, not really Portuguese food ? and expensive for cheap food

Andrea Carlson

The food is so delicious. It's so fresh and flavorful. I would recommend this place.

Keilah Viana

Cozy space, excellent service and delicious food.I will be back for sure!!!

Anonymous B.

I am a frequent flier to vila nova . Today was different. The sangria was not good, water downed and barely had alcohol and we were charged 30 dollars for it, I don't know any Portuguese restaurant that charges that much for a sangria. At least if it is going to charge this much make it worth it. Also, the food tasted old. The pork tasted so old and the alentejana was all potatoes and they were old potatoes. There was barely any pork. They also included the tip for a table of 2 with 3 toddlers which I thought was really stupid. They are taking advantage of people and I don't appreciate it.

Mario Guzman

excellent place, service is great... food outstanding

Hw M.

We all loved this place. The dining room reminded me of old Europe, looking out on the Ironbound was perfect. The service was spot on, and the food was really fresh and delicious and considering the large portions was very reasonable. Made for a perfect night out on our last night's vaca.

Karman Beamon

The food is always really good at Sol Mar. I had the rack of lamb. It was fresh and grilled to perfection.

Daniella L.

We came here by mistake. We thought we were going to a place we thought was called sol-mar but it wasn't unfortunately. We ended up staying and trying it out. We shared the paella. Obviously it's a famous rice dish with seafood in it but I thought it could have used more seafood. The other thing was we sat outside and people from the street kept walking under the awning of where the outside restaurant seating is supposed to be. A couple of people in bikes, a kid, a couple. Lol, I mean , walk around it, not under it. The Bread they serve you in the beginning was warm and delicious and if they offer you cheese with the bread get it. Cheese was delicious.

Vanessa Brown

What should have been a happy night of fun turned into sadness and frustration. We were celebrating my niece’s engagement and we had called for a reservation for 8 PM. We arrived and were told to wait near the bar. We waited and waited and finally about 30 minutes later somebody came over to us and told us that if we wanted to sit at the bar we could, but if we wanted a table we would have to wait. We saw other tables being emptied and there were two tables outside that were available. They were not offered to us, but rather other people who came in, some of them who arrived after we did. We ended up having to leave and go across the street to another restaurant, who thankfully, immediately accommodated us without a reservation despite the fact that they were busy. The staff did not communicate and were unfriendly. This was not how we imagined celebrating such a happy event.

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