Chuck's Cafe

1980 N Olden Ave, Trenton
(609) 882-2140

Recent Reviews

Hakeem Johnson

Food Was Really Good ?? ?

Rodney Fisher

I never had a bad meal from them

Leslie Calle

Best wings; always consistent, fast, and cheap.

Eastern Standard Time Records LLC.

Great wings always good customer service

Mike Flash

Food is decent but, the customer is horrible. Something has changed because they used to have excellent customer service. I phoned in a order for wings 2 days in a row. I go get the order while on a lunch break from work. So, I can't sit around and wait for them to make the wings. Both times I go to pick up my order, the order isn't ready and they need to throw the wings on the grill. I understand once. First time I just said "nevermind, cancel the order and I left. The next day, I was angry that I'm wasting my time. Please put the old staff back at chucks.

Pamela E.

I have now tried them three times and their blue cheese is awesome (I think it has either ranch or Tzakiki mixed in), but their wings EVERY time were dried out - to the point inedible. I have asked 2 times if they are fresh and they yelled back at me they are ALWAYS fresh which is BS. The wings are also ALWAYS black inside - which usually indicates frozen wings... They are small wings in comparison and they do compensate by giving you more than the 8 in an order. I also have to agree they always don't have gloves on or they don't use tongs, etc. I just think we have SO many good wing places in our area to waste time here...

Patricia Jones

Can’t go wrong, grilled hot wings with extra hot sauce ?

J A.

This spot is a hit or miss. I ordered from them twice in one week. The first time I ordered it was good and the wings were just right. I liked it so much I ordered again. However, the second order a few of my wings were burnt. It's a shame they would sell burnt wings. I don't think I'll order again.

Anthony Copernico

I drive 40 minutes to get wings from Chuck's. Used to live local and I can't let go! Thank you for the awesome wings!

mohamed saedy

The best food ever. The wings are very beautiful and the people are good

B Randolph

I stopped in to get a bottle soda. Watched a worker come from outdoor smoking a cigarette. He went straight to the counter handling food and didn't wash his hands. They also have the same people handling the money prepping food. Nasty nasty place. Don't go there!

Chi Nnanna

The grilled wings were very tasty and the workers there are quite kind. Would gladly revisit ?.

Jiji Monosiet

love their beef ribs and their grilled wings are great. sometimes hard to call in an order & still have to wait a bit when you get there but worth it none the less.

latoya powell

Wings off the grill with hot sauce and barbeque

Culinary Goddess

The grilled wings were mouth watering and full of flavor!

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