Classic Sub Shop

1164 NJ-33, Hamilton Square
(609) 631-0404

Recent Reviews

Luka Modri

Awesome, fully loaded subs. Pleasant staff. Clean place.

Peter Bednarz

Great sub shop..good service and tasty sandwiches.

Eric Glenn

Love this place. Great subs!

Marika Fernandez

All I can say is WOW! I NEVER saw an operation run so fast and efficiently! Watching these 5 workers all together was like watching a fast motion clip! Talk about team work! I was simply amazed! I truly have NEVER seen so many orders put together so rapid, right before my very eyes! Also if u purchase a prepaid $25.00 giftcard to use and u then purchase two subs, yr third is free! It don't get no better than that! And mind you these subs are only $5.00 and $6.00 during lunch hours and sum even come with a small side of macaroni salad or pickle! Sandwiches were delicious!

Victor Mac Phie

Always fresh, quality food....friendly staff...enjoyable experience....will be back again

Jared T.

Everything we've ordered has been good. This is our go to sub shop in the area. Always made fresh and friendly staff.

James Foley

Place is so consistently excellent. Reasonably priced, great hoagies, great service. Love the pick up situation. I hope they keep it post-covid.

Kathleen Pantermarakis

This was one of the best subs I've had in a long time

Mike C.

Unfortunately no photos of but had the meatball parm sub and will definitely be returning for another, thanks again.

lisa K

Best subs in Hamilton. Owners are awsome!

Joe Pagodin

It's great fresh sandwich everytime

Ravi D.

Good ol' classic subs for sure. If you are a fan of Tastees Sub Shop, this will hit the spot.

Barbara Sahm Benjamin

This is a local business run daily by a manager who works hard to maintain a clean and shapely ship. This place is a solid sub shop with all the standard trimmings. When we need a sub fix, we go here.

Aoife B.

Always DELICIOUS. Fresh bread, giant sandwich, great family deals, so beyond worth. Also beyond COVID safe, no indoor seating, have to order from like 10 feet away from the counter -- definitely making sure their staff is safe, which I appreciate.

Yolanda Dinkins

Love the subs. My child is a picky eater and this is the only sub shop that I can get a sub from. Great food and service. Convenient to call in and then your order us packed and ready to pick up. Customer service is top notch, which is important.

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