Golden Dawn Diner

2090 Whitehorse Mercerville Rd, Trenton
(609) 890-2606

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Food stuck to my cup . Just HORRIBLE ?

Marilyn Rios

Short wait. Good food. Pleasant atmosphere.

Rus Smith

Chicken Salad club was horrible! The salad tasted old with a really bad after taste...I ordered soup which never came until I asked twice for it and then it was cold when it finally arrived...Also when we asked for a chair so that 5 of us could sit at a booth the hostess acted like we were inconveniencing her and finally after waiting to sit for 10 minutes we just took a chair from an empty table...I'm disabled and needed to sit but the hostess could have cared less...horrible food and even worse service!!!!

Lucy Kester

All I wanted was an egg and bacon on a buttered roll for lets say $5 but when I was rung up it came to $10 and change. The lady at the register said it comes that way w hash browns. I didn't even get a coffee while I waited to take out my bfast and I sat outside in the waiting area. I would have rather sat inside at the counter and ordered from them and not the cashierVery good tasting maple bacon. Hash browns were terrible but I did say I didn't really want that so I asked for a slice of tomato and that was good as well. Guess Covid has hurt everyone especially when all u want to spend is five dollars and ten is needed for them to stay opened.

Rick Farmer

First time here in many years as we moved. Been going there since the 1980s. It's gone through times when it was just ok and when it was great. Seems like they're great again. Service and food were both excellent. Can't hate great diner pricing either.

Joe H.

Generally I have had good experiences with a golden dawn. Their breakfast is excellent and most things I have tried are good. However tonight I ordered prime rib and it tasted like an over cooked piece of London broil. Had decent flavor but it was a horrible cut of meat. If you're not gonna provide a quality piece of meat please take it off the menu. Beware do not order this. What a waste of $26. The crabcake was good though.

Annette Brucks

I'm a paraplegic, this establishment told me it was suited. WRONG When I arrived the outdated wheelchair entrance in the back would have made me a quadriplegic.

Eric Tucker

The new hours are horrible. I've never heard of a diner opening so late. 8 O'clock during the week and 9 O'clock on sunday. Also the food prices went up so high that we went to a nice restaurant instead of the formerly loved diner

Mike Kent

Flavorless meal. Not worth ordering unless it's breakfast and even then no guarantee. One star for reminding me that I can do better at home with little effort. I will be saving my money and myself from disappointment in the future.

Herb Elias

Good food. Good service

Melissa Hertenberger

Delicious food and wonderful waitress Adrianna that had a sense of humor and dealt with our large group of 10 and all of our demands.


Fantastic service and good food. Always a pleasure for this family favorite diner.

Joel Greggs

We enjoy to go out. Last night we went to this excellent place which we didn’t know before. We passed a delightful evening there with excellent dishes and a nice crew and a distinguished chef. We put this venue in our phone list and we will definitely go again soon. We warmly recommend.

Tina Franzoni

The waitress we had, did not speak English very well, nor did she understand it..she got our order wrong.. The quality of food was not what I was used to for golden dawn. This visit was a disappointment sorry

Cliff Reed

The food was very good I loved the chicken pot pie soup.

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