1730 N Olden Ave, Trenton
(609) 771-4147

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Jacklynd Gind

Food was fine, but not easy to get in/out of location. Went for a midnight order pickup and got stuck in a 40min line at the takeout window. Want an option to park and pick up.

Herman Grinberg

Avoid this location! They served me a breakfast sandwich with black mold in it, on my birthday!They messed up my orders every other time before. (Ordered here constantly before, since I work near by) The entrance doors are constantly locked in the morning for no reason. So what happens if you select in store pick up and you walked? You have to go to the drive thru lane.This place is a joke.

Amini Sababu

Horrible odor upon entering establishment but thank goodness for the mask with sanitizer on top, helped a little. Came in to purchase for grands and myself. Server was courteous and helpful, food was good

Greg Ludwig

Been using the mobile app. There are some great deals currently.


Customer service needs to be better. Greet people with a smile. Say thank you and you're welcome. Also the team needs to be trained again. The drive thru literally takes you 30 mins just to get to the speaker box to order. For $14 an hour I think things could be a little better..

Chifon Burton

Food was fresh. These fast foods be giving out bad food. Where is the doh.

Joshua Lestina

Compared to other wendys in the area, both the food and service here is sub-par. Maybe it's the location, maybe it's the staff, maybe management, who knows. They usually have a long drive through line, on account of how slow the drive through typically moves. I usually expect to wait at least 10-15 minutes in line for drive through when I come here. Only once have I gotten through in under 10 minutes, and that was at 10am ?‍♂️.If there's a closer Wendy's to you, probably go there instead. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with long lines and lackluster food.

ever Anderson

Horrible drive threw horrible wait on the inside. They need a better set up. Inside should have grub hub etc pick ups with a girl soley for that. An a cashier for regular orders.drive threw need two speakers. It truly need a better floww

Amanda VanMeter

So far I haven't had a bad experience with this Wendy's. Food and service was vary good!?

April Scott

The line at this Wendy's is ALWAYS long ?. However, my food has always been fresh especially the fries ?. So I wait patiently in the long line.

Mongo Harley

Food looked/tasted good. Order was correct!

Larry Lawrence

This rating is because I am a doordash / Uber eats/grubhub driver and at a certain time Wendy's closes walk-ins and forces us to go through the drive-thru which is totally unnecessary if they just construct a walk up window for online pickups

Haguchu Sedu

First time trying their breakfast and I was very happy with it.

Michael White

I Love Wendy's food because it is always made fresh, hot, and always Deeeeelicious ?. Yummy!!!

Kylie S

Good chain. This branch has a tendency to forget an item or two in large orders, but I've always been able to go back and sort it out. Overall happy with my experience here!

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