Brick + Dough

110 Walnut St, Montclair
(973) 707-5153

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Chris Parks

No complaints. Amazing food! I got an eggplant wrap and my kids good burgers. It was too fancy for them bc they tend to like just pickles and ketchup on their burgers but I thought it was delicious. So yeah, I ate their burgers too:) One of the employees—maybe the owner—gave us free cookies and brownies for the kids. I’d say very kid friendly!

Desi K.

Just had Brick and Dough today for the first time at a catered event and omgsh it was so goooood! The pizza was perfectly chewy (I think the Buffalo chicken pizza was the best) and their fried chicken sandwiches were absolutely mouthwatering. I try to have one cheat meal a week and this one was so worth it ;)

Robert L.

Came here with a group and we tried a number of different things. All of the pizzas we had were excellent and the ingredients were high quality. You can tell they put a lot of thought into their menu and how the construct the pizzas. The ny style pie was incredible, actually among my favorite pizzas I've had anywhere. We also tried a number of their non pizza options. Again just like the pizza everything was very delicious and high quality. The lamb tacos were incredible. Staff super friendly and the restaurant was clean and has a nice seating area where you can watch pizza being made. Will definitely be back.

Lauren P.

Food is amazing, great quality and fresh. The service and ambiance are also great and it's a fun place to hang out and have a drink. Pies are Neapolitan-style, so don't expect them to be large (no Neapolitan pizza is). If you want a "bigger" pizza, order the NY style. We tried everything and each pizza was better than the previous. Other menu highlights are the lamb tacos and the burger bowl. The owner Jason was super accommodating and very friendly and you can tell he is extremely passionate about this place! Don't leave without grabbing some of the GF brownie bites on your way out.

Rf M.

I have no idea how good their food is but ordering is a nightmare. I wanted to try their NY Style. I tried ordering online but couldn't make that happen. I called and was placed on hold for what seemed an inordinate amount of time but I'm patient. When she got back to me I was asked how I could be helped I said I wanted to order a pizza. I was told I couldn't order by phone, I had to walk-in or order online. I said I'm speaking with you because I couldn't order online and that's why I was calling. I was again informed that I couldn't order pizza by phone and then pick it up, I had to drive there, walk in and then order, then wait, very efficient. If I couldn't order by phone how could she be helping me? Sorry, but no thanks, I'll pass on this one. Ridiculous.

Stefanie S.

I ordered the buff chick. The pizza tastes pretty good but it's expensive for the size. The website didn't list the size of the pizza, which was unfortunate when I received a personal size pizza pie intended to feed 3 people.

John R.

Worst experience ever!! The food is terrible although it appears to be good. The service is absolutely terrible, its like they don't care that your spending your hard earned money there and the food will represent that. On top of that it is disgusting in there, this is definitely an Uber Eats-type-of establishment, if you even want to waste the money that is. The pizza is the worst and disrespectful to the Jersey/New York area. The boss, Jason is also very rude and inconsiderate, how he ever became the boss of anything amazes me. If i could sum my experience up in one word it would be conspicuous. Terrible!

Julia M.

PERFECT outdoor private event space. Intimate patio that fit 13 guests comfortably. Lindsey + Jason could not have been more lovely to work with, and made my sister's baby shower perfect. The food was delicious, the ambiance was perfect, and the service was great. If you are looking for a special but still affordable place for an event with great food -- come here!

Mayuri K.

Finally an amazing brick oven pizza place. I debated on keeping this place a secret because I love it so much but it would do a disservice to how good this place is. It is just what I wanted for brick over pizza. I usually go with the margherita and Buffalo chicken pizza and both are amazing. I definitely recommend checking this place out. But if you order online, you have to make sure to order early enough cause once I tried to order online at 6 and the next available time for order was 9. But it was worth it!

Jane Mettle-Grate

Yup, the pizza is bomb ?. The charr from the wood oven gives a unique flavor. Crust is firm yet fluffy. I can’t complain! And everyone there is so nice.

Deirdre E.

One of the best gluten free pizzas ever! Have been celiac for 12 years! They have a separate oven and prep space! It's amazing!! A must go to in Montclair

Emma Wilson

I ordered a fried chicken sandwich and it wasn’t that great. I’ve had that sandwich before and it was one of my favorites, but not anymore. I ordered it two different times and both those times it was horrible. The chicken was really dried and it looked more black than golden. It felt like it was fried before and then reheated. On top of that it had no honey and the bread was really soggy on the bottom. Another time I ordered their halva and it was dry. I really like going there, but I don’t think I will anymore.

Ruth Six

First time there and food was soooo good.

Jacob W.

Inspired pies. You can tell there was serious thought and development in the flavors and textures. The seasame pie is a must order. Steps from the train line it is a perfect location for pickup or a hang.


Yum. Brick + Dough’s pizza is fresh and flavorful even coming from a girl that would typically always pick thin over thick crust. The pastry selection is also worthy of a stop and don’t neglect their specials. My husband had “chicken stew in a pita” last year and he’s dying for it to make the specials board again. The employees are friendly and knowledgeable too. It’s been a favorite spot of ours since moving here last year!

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