California Pastrami - Coors Blvd

10131 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque
(505) 899-9797

Recent Reviews

Claudea DePalma

Large delicious sandwiches. Very reasonably priced.

Lance W.

Love their pastrami. Drove down from Santa Fe to get a sandwich and to pick up some pastrami to take home. Love it!

chazz villicana

Sandwiches are alright. I’m from California and like the style but they’re ok. The biggest issue I have with this place is the inconsistency in actually being open. Came here in the middle of a Friday afternoon when they’re supposed to be open and they are closed with no sign on the door or explanation. Probably won’t come back.

Cicely Chelf

The food is always great every time we've eaten here. So sad to see you go, looking forward to your return.

Paul Dumont

I just had a horrible experience. The date is for 4/10/21. Saturday afternoon my wife wanted get a pastrami sandwich. I didn't really know what their prices were. So when I looked at all the menu and all the information there's no prices listed anywhere. So I asked about a list and they said they don't have it. And I said well don't you have a list for your customers and the owner I assume or manager, who was in the kitchen replied no and this is not a place for me to eat at. So not a very friendly place or friendly man. And he must think that prices don't matter or maybe they don't matter to him. He doesn't care for us who may be limited by our budget. It was strange to see him get so upset and offended about answering questions about his prices. It always amazes me how small business people offend their own customers and undermine their own business.

A.T. Pike

A bit pricy, but the regular california pastrami sandwich was good. Fries were tasty. Drink was cold. They even use paper straws to try and cut down on waste.

Nick Ciraulo

Food is delicious and filling. Those working are truly great people. Too bad the place is closing May 21.

Elaine C

Not only do they have the best Fish Tacos in town, they can add the the list of best Fish and Fries every Friday on the North side of town. Always a favorite and they always deliver!!!

jonelle y.

This place hits the spot. I come all the way from Santa Fe for this sandwich. Their fries and onion rings are great. Highly recommend their onion rings!!

Gerald Beaupré

Great food and friendly service with a smile! We’ll definitely be back!

S. Heisel Williams

Food was great! The cashier was new so a little slow but very polite and friendly which more than made up for lack of speed.

Jacqueline Herrera

Good customer service. But waited way too long for french fries that were old and cold. Website says they have orange crush, but do not, and automatically gave me a Sprite instead of asking.

Marty A.

My wife and I had lunch today at the Coors location. Never disappointed. Pastrami and chili cheese fries always on point. Highly recommended. We moved to Albuquerque in 2017 and discovered California Pastrami "Great Food".               Today, I had the honor of meeting the owner Joe R.
We are all about supporting local Small Business Owners .

Aaron James

Happy to see Michelle at this location, I used to go to San Mateo just for her. She's always fantastic and prepares everything to perfection everytime.Whatever you are paying her, pay her more!

Michael Slaughter

The fish tacos are amazing with a great flavor profile from fresh lettuce and tomato with a light sauce. Highly recommend trying them, despite the restaurant being focused on pastrami.

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