Hong Kong Buffet

10100 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque
(505) 898-6868

Recent Reviews

Geoffrey Martinez

It's decent food for being cheap Chinese buffet food

Mariah Quiroz

Alight gotta admit this place is pretty good. I wasnt really wanting to go. But my daughter had picked it. And am glad she did. I will be back to this place

Cordell Charley

Was very good. But didn't like that they have sodas in pitchers waiting to refill guest drinks.

Matthew G.

Nice to see the buffet functioning normally since covid. Good food.

Justin Ferguson

Really good food. I loved the coconut shrimp

Robert Munch

Mass production people going through the lines no mask no gloves. You worried about Covid don't go there.

Kimberly “Kimber” Sanchez

Shrimp was over cooked and hard to peel. Food was in warmers to long. Foods that should have been hot were not. Green beans were overcooked and old. I witnessed new food being brought out and placed on bottom of food trays with the old being put on top. Witnessed others customers allowing their kids use their hands to try a food before putting on the plate. And the bathrooms are disgusting!

Dina Dollens

Excellent selection of seafood! Best time to go is when open and it's not many people

Michael Cunningham

The last time I had been to a Chinese Buffet was on Christmas Day 2020 ? Havent been to this place in like 2-3 years. Enjoyed the eats. My fav is Japeleno Chicken (they also have Sushi ?)

Jelford Aragon Teves

All of their staff are very friendly. Food is 10/10. Love the ambiance. Best food!


Women in the front is very rude and didnt even say thank you. Waitress was nice. Food was good.

Yvonne Romero

It has been A Couple of years since we last ate there. It's worth watching & to fill you up with food while you walk out?

Adam P.

Horrible. Place smells like urine. Food sucks. I know not to expect much from these buffets but this place was unbelievably gross. New Mexico...CLOSE THIS PLACE DOWN!!!!!!!!!

Cindy Mcalister

amazing food nice place everyone is friendly good price beautiful place to me and different selections

Tracie Leighton

The food is very good, however I left with a feeling that it was not a very sanitized place to eat. They offered gloves to serve food but did not require it. I didn’t see sanitizer available. The carpet looked very dirty and there was gum under the table edge, which my grandson discovered, so it’s unlikely the chairs & table edges are sanitized. I feel like they could have used the time they were closed to thoroughly clean the place. The staff was wearing masks.

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