Marble Brewery Westside Taproom

5740 Night Whisper Rd NW, Albuquerque
(505) 508-4368

Recent Reviews

Gayle V

This is one of our favorite breweries in town. Great selection of beer, rotating food trucks, and they have their own sushi and teriyaki bowls which are excellent. There’s a restaurant next door that will deliver too. Highly recommend this place. Nice staff!

Leroy Martinez

Beer is always amazing. Great service and the food trucks provide a nice variety.

Barry Brooks

Great local and Marble's fantastic beers. A great place to stop after work and they usually have a food truck

Ashley A.

Sucks to have good beer and brewtenders, but crappy customer service otherwise. It's something little to complain about , but a big deal when we were told we couldn't bring in our unopened bottles of water and walk in to see other people with their water bottles on the tables. And people to walk in after us with their water bottles and not being told anything. And when asked, to be told that "they know the patrons and that they're regulars." Ooookay?? Pretty crappy if you aren't a "regular" and know the door guy the same "rules" don't apply to you.


Staff is always great! Thank you Josh for having such a great team! Sara & mark

Carlos Apodaca

Best beer on both sides of the Rio Grande.

Michael B.

The waitress was rude and my 19 year old son who was my Designated Driver was told he had to leave because he was over 18 and under 21. We have supported them since they opened, but we will not be back.

PJ Campos

Nice chill atmosphere. Sat outside, since the weather was great for it. Staff was very friendly. Great experience.


Great beers. Open Environment! Red Ale was amazing. Love the food trucks instead of a kitchen!

Deanna Dopslaf

Amazing place...our local Cheers. If in the area you must stop. The options for food and the beer on tap is out of this world. Make sure you say hello to Nick, James and the entire staff.

Marcia V.

I didn't want to do a full tasting here, but I wanted to, no, needed to try their Prickly Pear Gose, when I stopped here with my sister who wanted a full tasting. The Gose was delicious and such a pretty pinkish red color. I was satisfied with my one choice.
There we surround food options at Marble and there were menus for each option on the tables. Unfortunately, we had mean plans so we could not order any food, but everything looked good and it was great that they gave you those options at the brewery.

Kathleen Neumann

They won't serve you unless you give contract tracing info to the server. They don't have a problem with paying customers walking out. Lost a long time loyal customer. Taking our business the businesses that don't relish the role of Enforcer.

Nicole Anderson

Open space; nice food options; nice atmosphere.

Keith B

Nitro pub ale and their seasonal pumpkin are some great beers! Try em out!

Greg Hannett

Went to have a couple IPAs in September. Patio was nice & shady in the afternoon (east side of building). People were social distancing (i.e., between groups) but not wearing masks - no biggie, we were outside. Service was fast & friendly, definitely will be going back!

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