St. James Tearoom

320 Osuna Rd NE # D, Albuquerque
(505) 242-3752

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Zeb Westrom

I'll get this out of the way: this place is not cheap. The food and tea are great, but what you are really paying for is the experience. Every month they switch up menus and themes, with tea and food pairings expertly selected. The rooms are almost ostentatiously comfy and the service is fantastic. The three course pairings are meant to enjoyed slowly over the course of several hours with friends.Also, if you just want some tea, they have a selection of loose leaf teas and accessories in their shop, and it is quality stuff. You can also pick up their scones to go. If you do, don't forget the lemon curd which is out of this world.

Lesley Ann

Warm welcoming quaint place for a spot of tea. Very kind staff and the aroma and fine design of fabrics are beautiful and rich in English design.


Incredible experience and atmosphere! Helpful and friendly staff throughout and going above and beyond to make your experience awesome! They do different themes each month or so and make it even better! We did the Peter Pan theme and can't wait to go back!

A William Haengel

This is a fantastic place, highly recommend. The food was exquisite, and the atmosphere was heavenly. It's not just a meal, it's an experience. You'll be transported to a civilized past and you'll be able to savor every moment.

Debbie Doggett

Amazing tea in a beautiful spot. Their food was delicious.

Ebone Garcia

My 2nd favorite place in Albuquerque! The food is filling and delicious. The teas pair well. The atmosphere is magical. The service is whatever you need it to be.

Melissa Padilla

So I love this place but every year for the past 6 years the price has increased. It is now 49 with the tax per person. You pay for the ambience of the separated rooms. I do give management kudos for paying a living wage to the servers, but the price is steep even for the tasty food. Unfortunately today the regular scones were off. They tasted like pockets of salt were not stirred in. We ate all but the scones! I asked for a to go cup and was told they do not have them. Really...... I paid 49 ea person I should be able to take the rest of my tea home. The server was friendly and efficient she brought me all other things I asked for and her impressive recite of the menu was fun to watch. The room is getting a little run down needs some sprucing up. Overall I still like the St. James there are just somethings i wish could change.

Karina Lewandowski

Loved this as a Girls nite out option with friends. St. James never disappoints with the selection and the quality service

Teresa Rohn-Penn

Everything is sublime! Their staff is the PERFECT example of how wonderful service can be when they are paid so that they do not depend on tips.

Kelly Crow

This was not my first time at the tea room. It is a lovely and whimsical place to have a private talk with friends over food and drink. I can't wait to go back

John Orr

Had an absolute exquisite experience today! Everything was magical, from the atmosphere to the staff, even the other guests were giddy with our outfits for this special "Whimsical wonderland tea party!" The food and tea pairings were absolutely delicious. We opted to get the additional "drink me" potion, which was super tasty! Each tea was also quality. In the gift shop I got really excited when I saw they sold decks of cards, of course I had to get one to add to my collection. We also got some of tea we were served to make at home. The two hours flew by and created an unforgettable memory for my wife and myself. Can't wait to return! They also featured us on their social media which just pushed us over the top today! Had an absolute impeccable time!

Michael Griesel

This is a unique and special place in Albuquerque, and in in the southwest. We visited for dinner, and enjoyed dining outside on their seating area in the walled garden. It was enjoyable, but just not my normal style; I would recommend it to others to give it a try for this special atmosphere and treatment. The staff was great and friendly, to make it authentically like an English tea.

Arturo Rivera-Cota

Pros: great service, peaceful, savories are usually delicious, scones are amazing with their cream and lemon curd, we always enjoy our time there! Definitely recommend.Con: I'm not a fan of their desserts/ much so, that I now order double savories instead of the desserts. At least that is a good option for a little more money.

Corina D.

This place is adorable! From the moment you walk in to their garden you feel like you are in a different place and have walked back in time. St James Tearom changes their creative themes monthly. We happened to visit during their Alice in Wonderland theme. I felt as though I walked down the rabbit hole. They have a beautiful garden that you can choose to have your meal and tea, but we opted for their indoor dining seating which has curtains between each setting to offer privacy and elegance. Their decor has a soft Victorian flair. Traditional finger sandwiches were given an Alive in Wonderland twist that really delivered, The course included a fresh fig and Parmesan salad and tiny hand pies. Next was their bite size skewered meatballs. Their ham croissants were airy and light and I loved their traditional sandwich which was adorned with a cucumber cut as a butterfly. It is all in the details including their Queen of Heart cookies. You will leave with a full belly that's for sure. The course also included a chocolate pastry, bite size cakes and bite sized buttery scones. We had their delicious black tea which was so soft and light to the palate. Their service in itself deserves a five star rating for their attentiveness and attention to detail. Make sure you plan ahead and make reservations way in advance because to no surprise they are booked weeks ahead.

Amanda L.

I have been here two times and I have to say I was pretty disappointed in my most recent reservation. I took my mother out for teatime and we chose to sit outside. I called ahead of time to see what the accomodations were with the heat. I was told there would be misters and fans, which I was ok with. When we arrive we were sat outside of the normal outside dining area without misters or a fan in 100 degree heat. We were also often forgotten about because we were segregated from everyone else. I also noticed there was an unused table in the normal outside area where we could have been seated. We requested water near the start of the service and had to ask for it a second time before it was brought out after waiting about 30 mins. We were forgotten about again when it was time to switch out the teas twice and also when we were to receive out lavender towels. With the amount we spent on service and buying teas from the gift shop I would have expected a better service. I hope that this was a one time experience and will try the tea room one more time before deciding whether or not we will come back.

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