Szechwan chinese restaurant

1605 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, Albuquerque
(505) 299-9133

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oKto Valencia

Randomly found this restaurant near my house and it's wonderful! The restaurant is clean, the orders are fast and the staff is incredibly friendly! The food is the best part of this wonderful experience. I got Cashew Chicken during their affordable lunch hour and man it was like heaven for my mouth. I had a wonderful time both times I have visited and this will definitely be a place I eat often!

Kaelyn Johnson

My husband and I recently visited and had a less than enjoyable experience. I realize that everyone is currently short-staffed with COVID right now, and even though there only appeared to be one employee while we were there, his service was still really good. That's partially the reason why this isn't a full-on 1-star review.The biggest negative was the fact that my husband's chicken was undercooked. Seriously undercooked. He thankfully realized it soon enough (but not before it ruined his appetite). We let our server know, and he kept insisting that he would bring him a new orange chicken that would be "fried twice as long". He continued to request an egg drop soup in replacement and our server finally agreed.Additionally, the water I received tasted "dirty" and was un-drinkable. I quickly chose to order a soda instead. My food was cooked perfectly fine, and the only other let down was the poor ambiance.They did remove my husband's food from our check, and didn't charge us for the replacement soup...but I can't imagine we would ever go back or recommend this place to anyone else.

Audrey Kaplan

Low salt, flavor from spices! Top quality food. Plain rice is Jasmine rice!

cyndy loguercio

The food, the prices and the service is wonderful! I wish there was a place this good on the west side!


I have to say this is the second best Chinese food I have ever had! I ordered the chicken teriyaki with fried rice and a Diet Coke. They got the food right but I got a regular coke instead. I drank it anyway and the food was fantastic! I highly recommend this business if you find yourself in the ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico area

Roberta Jack

I love their food !The service is average.I would recommend their food !

Doug Taylor

Small, quaint restaurant serving huge portions at family friendly prices. Service a little disorganized at times but you can tell by how busy restaurant is that the food is great. Try the Special Chicken dish. Amazing!

Echo B.

I went for lunch and food was good and service was fine it wasent to busy cuz it was a late lunch hot and fresh I had the Won Ton Soup and the vegetable egg foo young and 2 fried spring rolls every thing was delish and will be coming back to try different things


Some of the best Asian food I've had in town, very affordable for the amount of food your given. I love the milk tea that the recently brought. The atmosphere is so nice and the owners are such nice people!!!

John D.

We don't get to the east side very often so while we are over here it's time to start looking for a new place to try. Quick check of the on line menu and lemon chicken is on the menu. Drove over, grabbed a seat and placed our order. Lemon chicken and Szechuan beef. The dinners came with soup & appetizers and are served family style. The white meat chicken came out lightly fried, tender, moist and covered in lemon sauce. The beef was well cooked and tender surrounded by plenty of veggies. Both dishes were very flavorful. Plenty extra for left overs. Good food, reasonable prices. We'll be back.

Bruce Potts

Majority of Chinese food in Albuquerque is really only mediocre or just bad. I was pleasantly surprised how great the food was when I ate there. It was quite close to the quality you can get in San Francisco. I felt the service could have been better in regards in making sure refills of drinks are taken care with their customers. Quality of food was very good and delicious. The vegetarian egg roll was fantastic!

David Theriot

A choice Chinese Restaurant! My wife and I ventured out for a quick lunch but we were not in agreement on what we wanted, enter Chinese cuisine! Such a wide variety of preparation! We were in the neighborhood so Szechwan Chinese it was!We arrived about 11:30 and the restaurant was not overly busy. We were greeted promptly, ordered, and were soon enjoying their lunch specials.Soup is part of the lunch special and we both elected for Hot and Sour soup. The soup was served with crispy noodles. I could have made a meal of the soup! A nice vinegar-sweet flavor with a hint of spice. I turned up the heat with a few drops of Sriracha available as a table condiment. A nice selection of mushroom, tofu, wood ear, and onion, the fried noodles made a nice counterpart texture. Yum!We were enjoying the afterglow of the soup when our entree arrived. My wife chose Sweet and Sour Chicken. I had opted for Chicken with Cashews. Both where served with fried rice, an egg roll, and a dipping tray with mustard and a sweet sauce. Being someone who can’t resist the heat, I dredged my egg roll into the mustard and was rewarded with a crisp egg roll shell and a eye watering hit of mustard. The veggies in the roll retained some texture. Wonderful! I turned my attention to my entree. The chicken was marinated, tender, and delicious. The accompanying veggies were cooked to perfection and they had not spared the cashews, total lunch time bliss settled on me! The fried rice was a great counterpart for the entree. My wife offered a few bites of her chicken. A crispy coating still existed under the sauce coating. Not too sweet with just a hint of spice. After finishing the mustard, I enjoyed the sweet sauce on my egg roll, a very pleasant, mildly sweet sauce.We were served a fortune cookie for afters and we also ordered some almond cookies which came in a group of five. My wife enjoyed a cookie and brought the remainder home. The two meals and the cookies totaled $16 and change. Good food and good service!

Jen Gilbert

Great food, great service. We have never had a bad experience and we visit often.

Tanner R.

There was a time I'd have given 5 stars, but it's seeming like they're quality is getting worse and worse. The only thing I truly loved here is the Sesame chicken. Kind of a bummer you have to add onion's and bell peppers though. It literally comes with sesame chicken and nothing else. Need some veggies in it to give it that extra flavor and texture. Unfortunately the last two times we have ordered it it just seems to be sub par. Did not care for other things we have tried here either including sweet and sour chicken and the walnut shrimp. Will probably try it one more time but i have definitely been disappointed over the last 4 months!

marnie laird

I can't believe I haven't already reviewed this place and have been going for years now! I love love love the food here and the owners/workers treat you like family. I have never spent more than $20 at Szechwan & always have left overs! Definitely a place worth going to.. again and again and again! ??

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