Betsy's Big Kitchen

3879 US-50, Carson City
(775) 882-7568

Recent Reviews

Mary Gordillo

I like there breakfast and lunch specials. And the food is very good.

Seuss Sleuth

I dont remember calling this place never heard of it ate you sure it was a fatt fetcher trying to get away before I caught them face to face?

Jennifer Pence

Isabel was nice and friendly even though she and the rest of the wait staff were very busy.Food was pretty good, prices are reasonable, and the service was quick and courteous.I got the pancake breakfast - 3 pancakes and 2 slices of bacon or sausage (I went with the bacon). Pancakes kinda had a crispness on the top, which I liked, and the butter was delicious! Bacon was, well bacon, so always good amairtight?Boyfriend got the biscuits gravy with 2 eggs over easy. Both were good.

Anastasia Carter

Food was tasty, friendly staff. We had a large party of 10. Did not call ahead just walked in. They got us seated and taken care of almost immediately. Absolutely wonderful place to go eat.

Marina Scott

This is really good comfort food. My older grandson dined on scrambled eggs, bacon, and sourdough toast. He cleaned his plate. My younger grandson ate a big plate of pancakes. He loved them. My daughter loved the chicken wings. My husband had the fish and chips. They didn't disappoint. My charbroiled chicken sandwich was quite tasty. Betsy's knows how to feed a family.

Carolyn Williams

The place was missing the 2 women managers that normally have the front line under control.Today the food was so bad I decided to never return. The first plate of food was return bc the zucchini wasn't peeled prior to placing it into my omlet, and the gravy was pasty, the 2nd plate of food had uncooked sausage served on it. So I don't recommend stopping in.

Travis K

Literally the blandest version of the blandest food. I didn't even know you could taste the color biege. 90% of their customers haven't been able to taste food since the early 70s and the food reflects it. If someone told me this was reconstituted cockaroach protein I wouldn't even be mildly surprised.

Stacey Sisson

Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs with Biscuits and Gravy yummy. Great price and the food and service was excellent. Thank you

Denise F.

Loved it. Quick, down home cooking. Best prices I've seen in a long time. Husband had a club and I had breakfast. Would come back again in a heartbeat.

Kevin Childress

Based on recommendations I decided to eat here.The staff are very friendly but the food is easy recognized as cheap vendor quality.The hash browns are cake like so make sure you ask for crispy otherwise you’re eating potato. The eggs are good. The toast is ok. The meat is very poor quality. But the prices are low so not to expect too much.Don’t sit anywhere near the casino side or you’ll inhale second hand smoke your whole meal.Coffee is terrible and no non dairy options for creamer.

Gregory Noland

Betsy's big kitchen is inside gold Ranch Casino the food was good and so were the prices clean friendly safe staff waiting on my every need.

Monica DiConza

Does not have nondairy cream for coffee or nondairy liquid for oatmeal. Servers are polite.

Randy R.

Had to go to Carson city,was looking for a place to eat, so Betsy's won,nice place located in slotworld casino,friendly staff,good service,had a French dip good sandwich place was nothing special but a good quick meal.

Stephen Wilhoite

Came in for a Saturday breakfast. The spacious dining room was full but the great staff at Betsy's Big Kitchen does a good job of getting the orders out quickly. We were told our wait time would be about 15 to 20 minutes. They had us seated in 12 minutes. Our server was prompt to take our order and it wasn't long before she was back with our breakfast. The food was hot and fresh and prepared exactly as ordered. Steak and eggs rare, wheat toast, over medium and extra crispy hash browns. Always a great meal with great service and minimal wait.

Rolando Perez

They practiced social distancing and the food was good. I got a chicken caesar salad and it tasted fresh. I did not feel rushed and our server was friendly and professional. Prices were what I would expect at a casino restaurant.

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