3905 S Carson St, Carson City
(775) 882-8022

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Stephen ODay

McDonald's experience was Good ?


Some of the employees need some customer service classes,but it's mc Donald's ??‍♂️

Sharon Gohlke

The fish was very dry not enough sauce on it.The ice cream comes didnt seem as if it was milk.Look and tastes like frozen water.


You made my order wrong and didn't give me a receipt in the drive thru. They refused to fix my order because I didn't have the receipt. Horrible service.

Richie R.

You guys just made my night. Long day of work, then running errands. I just wanted some food and my usual spots were closed. The lady ordering in the drive through was being really rude to them while ordering. So between that and being 10pm on a Thursday, my expectations couldn't have been lower. I open the bag and the fries were HOT. 4 piece nugget was hot. Big Mac was hot and probably the best one I've ever had. I can't ever remember a time I've went to McDonalds and had everything I ordered be hot and taste great. I only get it 3-4 times a year, but still, something is always cold. Literally just made my day so much better. Whoever was working tonight deserves some praise.

Mickayla-jo de Jesus

Horrible customer service. I am extremely mad at this place and I will never come back to eat here. The food was soggy and incorrectly made. It’s like they didn’t even pay attention to our order. The manager on shift had an horrible attitude with handling our incorrect order that they had messed up to begin with. I had placed my order through drive through, and had to go into the lobby 2 times. Incorrectly made 3 times!! Ridiculous! I am warning anybody, locals who live in Carson or people who are just visiting/ passing by to see our beautiful town to be aware of this place

Kevin Massey

This is by far the better McDonald's in Carson City. Food is hot and fresh the employees are friendly and professional. The french ? fries are hot and browned to perfection, lol yes they actually have color. This place Rocks!

Rebecca Gamez

Get it together, twice they messed up our order. I'm sticking to the other location on north Carson.

Dorinda Nicholas

Very clean inside. Maybe because the inside has been closed so long! Nice

Tamara Smith

Almost 8 out of 10 times, they have gotten order incorrect. Family member is allergic to dairy, I ask for no cheese. Now I have to pull it out of bag, before I drive off to check the order!

Irene Lopez

Food hot and fresh customer service not so much. I didn't get a thank or have a nice day, didn't ask if I wanted ketchup just handed me my food

Diane K. Zastrow

Not good will never go back nooooooo customer service out of a lot of product

Joedy U.

they are charging double on drinks than the north carson location. both are owned by same people. manager juana will not return calls. fraud!

BRIAN Mcgoldrick

Despite correcting the order two times and insisting on having it read back to me, i got a biscuit instead of a muffin and my coffee had no sweetener. Worst McDonalds ive been to in a long time.

Courtney Z.

Their customer service is horrible.. They never are friendly, it's like your a bother. Almost every time they ask you to go around and park and wait for your food. When they give it to you it's cold. Always make sure they give you what you ordered because they don't always fulfill your order.

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