China Tango

2850 Bicentennial Pkwy Ste 100, Henderson
(702) 565-6002

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Philp Gilman

Good food, great service, enormous portions!

Ken B.

Delicious food - Fast and friendly service. We love this place. We get food from them on average twice a week. I'm lazy to cook.

Becky Meadows

Super friendly and delicious!

Cheryl Westwood

Great food and great service. Highly recommend.

Dan S.

I have decided to write this review as a public service. We had "food" from this place recently. Salt and pepper pork, Singapore noodles, and Crispy beef. Salt and pepper pork was almost uneatable, normally a crisp with a light coat of flour and egg. This was with heavy coat on mostly fat pork something. Super salty, no pepper or garlic. All you taste is salt. Yuck! Singapore noodles, one of my favorite dishes, was almost decent if it wasn't for the amount of curry they put in. I thing they dropped a whole jar in it. That covered any other taste. The Crispy beef was just beef in something that might have been crispy last week. What I ate was neither Chinese nor Tango! Stay away!


Great quality ingredients, yummy and awesome portion sizes. The waitress was so sweet and even gave my baby some extra cookies to take home. A new favorite :)

Thomas S.

Excellent Chinese food here. Had Kung Pow Chicken. Was good and spicy. Also had Beef Chop Suey. Delicious.

Wendy Foster

Prior to the pandemic I would’ve given five stars. They used to have generous helpings and they included crispy wonton chips with every order. Since then, some prices have gone up, the portion sizes have gone down, and they have stopped giving out the wonton chips with the entrées. So, basically we are paying more and getting less. This is rather unfortunate service we are trying to support our local small businesses.

Joseph V.

With the family home sick, decided to order chinese food. Since it is down the road, figure that chinese food is "chinese" food. The order went well and the delivery was on target. That was the extent of the good. Here is the bad. When you have an Asian person complaining and willing to write that the "chinese" food was bad, it tells you that the food is really bad. Here were are orders and our comments: 1 - Beef and Broccoli - this was one of the two decent dish that was served (fried won ton). 2 - Chicken Wings - extremely salty. My daughters (who love wings) couldn't finish one wing. 3. Pork fried rice (2 orders). This was just plain terrible. Absolutely NO flavor. Probably the worst fried rice that we ever had. Did they just put white rice, stir it with little soy sauce and add in non flavor pork??? Really bad. God, into the trash bin it should go. 4. Chow Mein (2 orders). I can't give a review. My kids ate it and said it was terrible. Worst, they usually like noodles.. 5. Sweet and sour pork. The pork was extremely bland. Without the dipping sauce, this was terrible 6. Fried won ton - this was the only thing that my kids finished and they liked it. 7. Teriyaki chicken. This was the absolute worst dish. Looked at the online menu, it doesn't even look like the dish in the pic. There is absolutely NO teriyaki sauce on this. I called the place back and they said it is STEAMED chicken instead. Then, why call it Teriyaki chicken????? Sort of misleading there??? Call it steam chicken. Tried it and it had ZERO flavor. Tasting rubber would have been an upgrade... This needs to be put in a trash bin. Note: we called and complained and they sent us a dish of orange chicken to replace the teriyaki chicken. We were so disgusted with the terrible meal that we stuck the orange chicken in the fridge. With tips and everything, we spent about $95. Way over priced and not worth it. As you can tell from our review above, this was not good chinese food at ALL. We would never, ever order from here again. Absolutely, yuck....

Craig S.

Incredibly delicious Chinese food. Literally every dish I ever ordered has been delicious. Some of our favorites are the Sweet and Sour Shrimp in a light crispy egg wash coating, Both the orange or Lemmon chicken, house chow mein and moo shu pork or chicken. Their fried rice dishes are also delicious. Highly recommend

Jc Escobar

Good and very consistent.

Kathleen L.

We ordered dinner last night. The only positive is that it came within the allotted time frame. The food had a bad order after tasting a few bites of it; we ended up throwing it all away. The food was not fresh, and we were afraid to eat it. A total waste of $ 50.00.

Kyle G.

Great food and excellent delivery service! I've ordered from China Tango for over five years now, and it has been consistently great food.

Dave Strow

I have tried to order on the phone two days in a row. 4 phones calls that they just put the phone on the counter and then after a few minutes hung up with no order. Ordered online using Postmates and got a message that it will be 40 minutes for Won Ton soup and Chow Me in. I tried to cancel and Postmates would complete. Went to restaurant and they said cancel online and that is not working.By the way the food is great

Bill F

Great food . Very busy.

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