Pizza Hut

10525 S Eastern Ave #130, Henderson
(702) 407-0912

Recent Reviews

Roxana Rivera

Great customer service from front counter. The food was fast and the order right - thanks

Michael Bain

Make a pizza as LIKE IT WAS ORDERED. For the third time at this location

Jennifer Tackett

Our delivery order arrived very quickly, and both pizzas were nice and hot!

Lauren Leeroy

Love it !!! Little late than usual but over all good my food was still hot so over all good!!!


Not take 51 minutes to deliver cold food.

Jeff Lindstrom

Consistently good. Love the new Edge Pizza.

Shannon Cain

Quality product and great customer service.

Sarah R.

Was told that my food was out for delivery at 9:50 and it is not over an hour later and still no food, I'm less than a mile from the store! Called to try to figure out where my food is and got nothing but attitude from the worker who just told me that it's on its way even though she didn't even ask for my name or anything. Absolutely will not be ordering from this store ever again, will choose dominoes next time! Update just got the pizza an hour and a half late and cold! Will be trying to get my money back, absolutely ridiculous!

Terri Dolan

The pizza,was unedible. Tasted like cardboard.

Dalilah Cervantes

This is the 2nd time i try to order pizza and it is a 2 hour wait or more. Yesterday i got a call from the gentlemen working there telling me he was the only person there so he couldnt deliver and it would be a 2-3 hour wait this isnt the first time this happens.

Kelly Lincoln

I placed my order a hour and 15 mins ago, they keep telling me it’s on its way. Also, a few months ago I ordered from them and never got my order. I tried to give them another chance and this happens. People there are rude and never give Accurate information. I will never ordered at this location again !!!

T Lamb

Where do i start i asked for my wings to be extra crispy and when you tell someone that you automatically know almost burt i had this location fix them twice and still didn't get it right the manager tells me she personally cooked it extra then another employee says he cooked them, very poor service i would not recommend anyone to order from this location. Very poor listening skills and then just apologize instead of just refunding my money.

Becky K.

The delivery guys are very friendly so I have no issues with the customer service. The only issue I have is with the way the pizzas are prepared. The crust is always very dry/ no oil to coat the crust. Only 3 out of 10 pizzas I order at this location are good but not great. I know this is Las Vegas but I do not want to gamble with the quality of my Pizza. The pizza makers need to be retrained or call corporate for guidelines for proper preparation.

Greg M.

Three stars. Not happy. Again. Historically, I enjoyed Pizza Hut. I frequented their restaurants in several cities over the past many years and was generally happy with food, service and facilities. Not so anymore. This Pizza Hut is for "to go" and delivery only. All the doors were open (how that affects cleanliness is anyone's guess) and I had to wait 10 minutes for someone to show up at the desk to hand me my already prepared and paid for order even though there was plenty of traffic through the "employees only" door immediately adjacent. I tried their new pizza and was sorely disappointed. The other pies were just as mediocre. The front desk area looked like it was built in the 70's and hasn't seen an update since then. From what I saw, the waiting area was fairly clean even though the doors were blocked open (leaves and debris were present by the doors but I didn't see any bugs). I guess I'll stick with my "go to" pizza joint and give this one a "pass" in the future.

Shannon W.

The employee who answered the phone today was so rude. I was hung up on after simply asking if they had any specials. They said to "check the website...I don't have time for this. " I should have checked here before calling. Based on the other reviews it's obvious this location has some serious issues.

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