Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi

1199 W Sunset Rd, Henderson
(702) 898-8179

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Kaed Saugos

Best dining experience for the family!

shay shay

Celebrated my Daughter and Grandbaby Birthday. Food was Amazing. They Even Sang Happy birthday and gave them both Cake.

Sam-Julie Marcelo

Good foods! Good Service.

Stacey Stewart

Delicious as always! I had lobster and Mahi Mahi and it was amazing!

John B.

I wrote a review a couple of weeks ago out of frustration for my experience at Samurai of having to wait for a table for Sushi. The lack of reservations for Sushi customers is still a point of serious frustration. I go to Samurai on a regular basis. My Family and I have driven from all corners of the valley to eat at Samurai as the Sushi there is the best in Las Vegas bar none. I have gone, and will continue to go every chance I get . The baked Green Muscles, Poke Salad, Super White, and pretty much everything else we try here is amazing. Can I get a reservation??? Don't make me wait outside for hours while teppanyaki customers show up and get seated immediately. If you don't have room for me I would rather know before I leave the house. Love the food, Love the staff, Love the ambiance.

Stephanie K.

We came to samurai's tonight after walking out of a different restaurant because of their poor service. Samurai has always been our go to and never disappoints. The food is always amazing service was great. They originally didn't have a table for us but they were able to make it work with less than a 10 minute wait.

Alyssa S.

Loyal customer. Family has eaten here for the past 7 years & they have NEVER failed us.

Norah V.

They now have a sign up saying they are short staffed. I get it, but also zero communication through the 35 minutes we were standing there (also not a busy time) for 2 people..we got the AYCE sushi and it was super delicious! The popcorn lobster was my favorite..I could literally eat that every day of my entire life lol it was worth it in the end. Just need a little better communication through the entire process..also they could have easily sat us and then just let us sit and chill..

Nicole T.

To give this rating is heart breaking. Used to be my favorite spot for hibachi and occasionally sushi but after last night we will not be returning. We made a reservation for my birthday dinner for hibachi, we all thought it was hot but thought maybe it was because it was 110 outside. As the dinner continued it seemed to only get hotter. Finding out their AC was out. My mom literally passed out from heat exhaustion, I talked to the manager and all they said was " we know it's out" we live in Vegas. It was 109 outside when we left at 9pm. Maybe inform your guests about the issue before they sit down so they don't end up over heating. Thank goodness we had two nurses that were part of our party and was able to help my mom. Otherwise an ambulance might of been coming to their establishment. Used to be my favorite spot but never going to return. It's unfortunate that as a business they do not care how their guests feel but only money in their pockets.

Riley N.

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James Diodati

Love this place! Our service is always excellent. We always have great food! Our chef Geo is the man! Ask for him!! His cooking is out of this world!

Calena Ross

I miss this place so very much... The food is undeniably delicious especially the baked mussels, baked lobster rolls, baked scallops rolls, and the hibachi grill is unreal... I simply love Brandon and the entire sushi staff. They are so attentive and welcoming. I definitely want to move back to Nevada and they are one of my reasons...

Lisa Gallardo

It was my first time there and it was great I loved it I feel bad though cuz I had no pics of my food I was so hungry I ate it all. I most definitely am I going to go back I recommend this place

Ron G.

Tuesday Night, June 22nd at 6pm, My partner, his son and me, went out for a belated Father's Day dinner. We chose Samurai Japanese Steak in Henderson. What a disaster! We sat down at 6:00pm. When the server came over we asked her to wipe down the table. It was sticky and food was still stuck to the top of it. Her first reaction was, "well why don't you just change tables?" Being nice and not wanting to have to move, we said it wasn't necessary could she just wipe it down. She walked away. Returning with our drinks, she proceeded to knock over my glass of water on to the floor and all over me!! She said, "someone will be over to clean it up", meanwhile I'm wet!! Another server came over, mopped up the spill and brought me a replacement glass of water, without being asked. 10 minutes later she came back with a dry towel and started to wipe down the table. After she realized that wasn't going to work, she asked my stepson for his water glass, and proceeded to poured some of it on the table, and continued to clean. We were all shocked. When my partner asked her what she was doing using his water glass to wipe down the table, she got very annoyed. She finished wiping down the table and then said "I'll get him a new one" and then under her breath as she walked away said "Christ!". She eventually took our order after we sat there for 30 minutes. I would like to point out the restaurant was not full and she only had two tables. After we ordered, while we were waiting, she delivered two plates of food to the table. We did not recognize what she dropped off. Since it was sushi, sometimes it's hard to know what the rolls look like. So we asked her what they were. When she responded, nicely we said that they were not ours, we did not order those. She picked them up off our table, looked at the ticket again, and brought them to the table behind us and put them down. The second time we were completely shocked. In the restaurant business you never deliver food to one table, pick it up and give it to someone else. That is a huge no-no. We have eventually got our food one hour after sitting down. In all fairness the food was very good. And we enjoyed it very much. Since we were eating all you can eat, she never asked if we wanted more sushi. Instead she brought the check like we were done. Both my partner and his son order dessert which made her look even more annoyed. When she eventually brought the desert she told them that it was on the house. Well, that all made us laugh, because "of course it was on the house" it was part of the all you can eat sushi menu. Historically I am a great tipper!! Usually 20 to 25%. But with all of the problems and the delay in getting our food, in good conscience, I could not tip her for bad service. Her attitude, her facial expressions, and the lack of knowing what to do properly was more than I could handle. When I paid the bill for the first time in a long time, I did not leave her a tip! I realize restaurants and businesses are understaffed, however her fellow server helped us more than she did without question. The restaurant was not that busy, and like I said earlier she only had two tables. The days of just tipping blindly are over for me. If you cannot provide me with adequate service then I can no longer tip like I used to.

Chelsea C.

The food here is always so good. The hibachi grill is fun too! We usually order to go but love a show every once in a while! Had a little mishap with one of the employees(below) and they took care of us wonderfully. Management is quick to resolve issues! One of the hostesses or waitress is super rude. Always has a stinky attitude, especially on the phone. We always get take out here. We had been calling trying to get a take out order she answered and hung up immediately twice and another time answered asked what we needed and immediately hung up when we said we needed a take out order. Your hours say open until 10. We had started calling at 8:40. If you're too busy to take an order then just say that. Don't hang up on customers. This isn't the first time she's acted like she has the most miserable job ever. Other than that, the food is great but that girl really needs an attitude check.

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Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi

1199 W Sunset Rd, Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 898-8179