10604 S Eastern Ave Suite D, Henderson
(702) 437-9222

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Franklin Smith

Subway food is generally good but have gone up on price and it's not worth what you pay for it you be better off making it at home

Sandra W.

There's a few Subway locations close by and I've tried them all. THIS location is the best one. First, they actually make the sandwiches the way they're supposed to be made. Second, they rarely if ever, run out of bread or ingredients. Thirdly, the guys that work here are very nice. No funny attitudes or blank stares. I hope they are being paid their worth because the service that they provide is rare these days. Thank you so much for taking the time to make the food right and tasty! You guys are the best!!!

Kassandra Tremblay

Awesome service by the morning guy, Steve is very skilled and polite and he provided me with an excellent service! I come weekly every Saturday or Sundays sometimes around 9AM to 10AM. He makes the sandwiches like a professional. Very clean Subway and organized. I truly love this place. I recommend everyone to try this restaurant, it's the best

Felicia G.

A tremendous THANK YOU! We ordered 17 platters for a community event! I went to the restaurant the day before my order snd prepaid for everything! Grace, Store Manager, placed my order and went over the details for the next day pickup! me out and Grace and her staff effectively delivered on a very tight (and shrinking) timeframe. All the while assisting several other customers. Everything was precisely made as ordered, 255 sandwiches! You and your team, Steve and Thera went above and beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend this location for catering!!

J Cole

Excellent service, excellent sub. Store is veey clean too.

Dulce Hernandez C

If I am rating a 1 star is not because of the employees they actually try they best, but seriously management? Only one person woth like 50 customers per hour, and a lot of the just leave because of the long lines. This is so not good!

Lisa P.

Customer service phone order was terrible, train your employees that keeping someone on hold for over 20 minutes is unappreciated and unprofessional. Called in to make a change on an online order and was never helped! Was left hanging, very frustrating!

Juan Fernandez

This Subway was a great experience for my Autistic friend, Christian and I. Their handling of the situation was truly great, as he can be annoyingly talkative. And the sandwiches were very well made. A good team there at work, for once. Thanks a bunch.

Thomas Pope

Outstanding food. Professional and courteous food handlers/servers.A word of caution. Be careful if you need to use the men/women's room. The floors are wet from a pipe leak that has been leaking for over a week.

Judy G.

Called and the guy could not even tell me if they have seafood and crab. Told me I needed to come there to see the menu. Wow, employee doesn't even know what kind sandwiches they make. I would have have put zero stars if I could have.

Jennifer Dutcher

Service was fast. Food was fresh.

David Teo Vogel

This place has gone down the tubes. Reduced menu, higher prices, employees who don't care, and ridiculous online only policies. Went in to order an advertised special only to be told it was online only and I had to order on my phone, which I didn't have, so I could not order the special. This was once a great Subway but ever since the pandemic they have been going the wrong direction. I am going to find another Subway.

William Moore

This Subway is so much better than the one at Anthem Village. Great employees and they always make my sandwiches right!

Brian Buasuwan

Reliable subway place, stuff is yummy


This is a great Subway. Very nice employees. Very fresh ingredients. Will definitely be back.

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