Chef Kenny's Asian Vegan Restaurant

6820 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas
(702) 889-0939

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Christina Williams

This is for the dim sum location I have been to Chef Kenny's numerous times. I've brought family and friends because it's always been great. Lee and the male waiter with glasses are great. However, this last time I went everyone was SO RUDE. I came with me and my 2 sons and no one came to take my order after seeing tables come after me get their order and drinks. I had to flag someone down. I asked for water and it was like I was pulling teeth. My order came out wrong and he asked if I wanted them to remake it... um yes because this isn't what I ordered. I don't think I'll ever be back and it's sad because I love the food and love supporting vegan businesses.

Adrian Hernandez

Amazing service, and the spicy tuna was great!

J F.

Great service, but the food was a huge disappointment. Party of 2 and both of us felt terrible for hours after eating. Nothing healthy about this food. Every dish has fake meat and needs more vegetables. All dishes are pre-made and simply heated and brought to your table.

Chanmi J.

It was my first time eating a fully vegan meal and I was super impressed! Obviously the texture of the different meat substitutes weren't exactly the same as real meat (that's probably the point) but they definitely can't close. Taste was on point. I think the average person probably wouldn't notice the difference if they ate the meal without knowing it didn't have any meat!

Brian H.

Positives: * Super Efficient Service - food came out quickly, with appetizers coming out a few minutes after ordering. * Roti with curry was delicious at $6.25. Melt in your mouth. * The lunch specials are phenomenal values at about $9. * Had the spicy tuna roll ($11) with about 8 typical sized sushi pieces, and it did a remarkable job simulating a real spicy tuna roll, especially considering the tuna's main base was carrot. Negatives: * Sushi prices add up quickly as one might expect, but not being real fish that has to be flown halway across the world regularly, I'm not sure I understand why. * Starter cup of soup that comes with some dishes was unbelievably bland, just weak broth with a few cubes of tofu in it. Add some spice and some green chopped veggies like carrot and cabbage and green onion people! Best dish: Spicy Fried Eggplant lunch special was 10/10, and a complete bargain at just over $9, coming with a few greens, a nice pile of eggplant that wasn't too greasy at all and tasted like General Tsao's chicken (but better!) and a big pile of brown rice. If I could have that dish for under $10 anywhere in the world, it would go on at least a weekly rotation.

Alexandra C.

I've been missing sushi, like really good, honest to goodness sushi beyond your basic avocado roll since going vegan. Let me tell you, Chef Kenny's delivers on that front! I had the crunchy roll and tuna roll and it was mind blowing. Thai iced tea was also outstanding. Great service, well priced, and absolutely delicious!

Chantalle U.

I cannot rave about this place enough. My partner came for my birthday dinner and we were not disappointed. We started off with the roti and curry as an appetizer. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. We also ordered the chow mein, eggplant and tofu, general tzo v chicken. Everything was wonderfully flavored and for those who are doubting anything vegan, I cannot stop reading about how fantastic the flavors and texture everything was! Will definitely be back to explore this menu!

Charles C.

Great food!! I wanted to catch up with an old friend, and this friend suggested Chef Kenny's over lunch. I was thrilled, because I've never eaten at a Vegan spot, and this would be my first! We visited right during a time where we all "thought" COVID was almost over with. (Before it all spiked back up again). When we were seated, we were forced to sit side by side, next to each other, in a booth. Leaving the other seat completely empty. This was one of their ways of keeping 6 feet from other patrons. I hated this! The booths had dividers to protect us, so I personally didn't think sitting like that was necessary. I think, I particularly hated it because we both had notebooks to take notes on our discussion, and sitting side by side while eating, talking, & taking notes was not comfortable at all. Okay... so enough of that, because at the end of the day, they were just doing what they felt best protected customer's health & safety. The food came out very quickly and tasted GREAT!! I never knew Vegan could have so many uses like that. I'll definitely be back to visit. Great restaurant!

Glenn P.

Was really pressed by the flavors and textures involved. I'ce not had orange "chicken" of any kind in a long while and it was really nice balance of tangy citrus and a hint of sweet. Then the dragon roll was delicious and very flavorful with all of the fillings, toppings, and sauces.

Meghna Chowdhary

This is our go to restaurant now. We love the spicy Cajun fish. We have been trying different sushi rolls on the menu and so far we love of them. Service and ambiance is good too

mandy bognar

Excellent excellent excellent! The environment was clean and welcoming, the staff were efficient and pleasant, and the food was out of this world! Honestly could not tell it wasn't real shrimp, the flavors were on point, the cilantro salad and hose veggie soup were a fiesta on my taste buds! Prices were great and the location is convenient. Will absolutely be returning!

Esthee Wong

My very 1st vegan experience and it tasted better than I thought. Dishes are definitely on the sweet side with heavy seasoning

Elaine Ponce Gaudin

Absolutely delicious vegan sushi rolls and lettuce wraps.

Jason Morrison

Exceptional food and service. God bless Chef Kenny

Michellea D.

Just had the most amazing sushi and it was Vegan!! The cream cheese wontons... guess what... tastes like cream cheese wontons. This location doesn't have dim sum the other one does. Yum!!!

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Chef Kenny's Asian Vegan Restaurant

6820 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 889-0939