Sapporo Revolving Sushi

4671 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas
(702) 915-7500

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Jane Ryu

Decent quality at affordable prices! Fun experience with the revolving sushi. I loved the soft shell crab appetizer and not pictured but the special sapporo salmon roll that had shrimp tempura inside!

Anthony Daniels

This place has good food and friendly service. I brought my family and they enjoyed it!One thing I didn’t like though however was seeing one of the servers yelling at one of the other employees. It’s kind of extremely unprofessional as my wife and I noticed it. Having good service for the customers may be good but having genuine, good intentions for everyone is greater. Please be better next time.

Lucky Cat

This revolving sushi restaurant is clean and modern. The fish are fresh, a lot of choices and the prices are very reasonable.

Kyle Arsenault

The sushi was fresh and the crunch pieces were crunchy! The staff were plentiful and active in removing extra items from the table and were all very well-dressed. The dining area itself it upscale leading you to think you'll be paying more than you actually will, because the prices are great, too.

Brita Vega

Wow. Just WOW. This place is a must see when you are in town or even local. The revolving sushi bar has amazing selections to choose from. Our waitress Michelle was so great at her job. She took care of us. When you go in make sure to ask for my girl and she'll hook you up!


I love this place. We were seated and was able to eat right away lol!!! I will come back again

Lindsay N.

We loved this sushi place! The atmostphere was nice and clean. They put a "sanitized" sign on their tables after they clean it and remove it when walking you to the table. We got there around 2pm on Thursday and were seated immediately. We asked how long the sushi tends to be on the revolver and the waitress told us that there are sensors under the plates and let them know when it's been on for too long (25-35 minutes) and they'll replace it. It's a good option if you want to try a few pieces and don't want to have a whole roll. However, we still felt like that was kind of long for food to be sitting as it may not be hot anymore, and not very appetizing to look at and it see to round and round. We just ordered our sushi, so it was fresh. The plates on the belts are $2.50 each. The marinated soft pork belly was literally melt in your mouth amazing, but the sauce was just a tad salty. Other than that it was perfect! The sushi wasn't made with too much rice (which we love) and had the perfect amount of fish. Definitely recommend this place and will be coming back when we visit Vegas!

Ileana T.

Overall just not good. We ordered ramen, hand rolls, specialty rolls, some appetizers, and a few sides and the ONLY thing I would pay money for again would be the ramen. It was a solid $5 bowl of ramen. The tuna on top of one of my rolls was unpleasantly warm and nothing really had any distinct flavor. Left full yet unsatisfied after trying so many times to find something yummy, unsuccessfully. The place was clean?

Kenneth L.

This is one of those odd cases where I'd usually expect revolving sushi having unfresh fish and the food doesn't taste really well considering that in the norm, they usually go around the revolver many times in over, despite the fact that the product isn't gonna be eaten. That isn't the case here with this restaurant. Out of all the revolving sushi restaurants, I gotta hand it to the chefs in the back. I don't know what they're doing, but they keep these things in less than 2 cycles or something, and they usually have fresher fish when it comes back. I don't know what you're doing, I don't know how you're doing it, but keep it up, you guys are doing great. Also the tiny robot that serves the ala carte is a nice touch.

Eric Morelli

Came here for the first time today. My daughter wanted to take me out to lunch and I said let's do sushi. She recommended this place and said it would be fun. She was so right. We got in right away sat down and got started.The revolver with the sushi on it is such a great way to see exactly what you are going to have and the small plates make it so you can try even the stuff you are unsure of. We spent nearly an hour here and had a ton of different things and we're very pleasantly surprised at how good everything is. At the end we ordered desert off the menu and it came via a robot to the table. Such a cool and good place to eat. The food was great the atmosphere was cool and the desert was fantastic! Definitely recommend coming here it you like sushi.

Joey Khoury

We used to eat here with my family all the time amazing we stopped going because the quality of the salmon was slipping every once in a while we decide to see if it's gotten better once in a while it's enjoyable but I've never been there without a problem today I went there with my family and before we were able to sit down a server asked what we would like to drink after we sat down on the table it was dirty sticky and there was good all over the floor they moved us to another table they "just cleaned" and the table was still nasty it may be good for other people but definitely my last time going.

Angela A.

I have no idea how this place has so many positive reviews (maybe lots of people who haven't had fresh sushi?). Coming from Los Angeles and being used to great sushi: this was beyond disappointing. I had never met a spicy tuna roll I didn't like. One bite of theirs I had to SPIT IT OUT!! The texture was like mushy sandpaper and it was very warm. We told the waitress and she seemed annoyed, claiming it was all just made. No way that's true based on how hot it is and it rotates around the conveyors for God knows how long. Add that to the warm temperature inside and I can just pray I won't come down with food poisoning the next couple of days. I gave 1 star only because HAD TO, plus I got tea and ramen (decent)..but the two rolls I attempted to eat I literally ate one piece and couldn't force myself have more. No one wants warm gritty sushi. The waitress acted like I insulted her mom when we told her about the warm gross sushi. That's what irritated me the most. No thanks.

Brittney Moore

Wow. Just WOW. This place is a must see when you are in town or even local. The revolving sushi bar has amazing selections to choose from. Our waitress Michelle was so great at her job. She took care of us. When you go in make sure to ask for my girl and she'll hook you up!

Aaron Jelley

I had never done a conveyor sushi place before so I had to try it out. I was pretty impressed, we enjoyed ourselves. The quality was hit or miss on some of the nigiri, but we still had a good time.

L.E. Ferrell

The service was fantastic, along with amazing food. We came here to celebrate my daughter's 9th birthday & it was such a fun experience. We love everything here. It is all so fresh & delicious.

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