Rubalcaba's Mexican Restaurant

1500 Red Butte St, Pahrump
(775) 727-4225

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Greg Roderick

We had 7 tacos with some crunchy and others soft with all different types of fillings. They were all very flavorful and it only cost $16.00. that's correct, 7 decent sized tacos for $16.00. On top of that, the service was very nice also.

Virginia Berquist

First time in their new location. The staff is very friendly and quick. The food was good and the person I went with goes there alot since it is so close to the JGJohnson Elementary and she ordered something to go for another staff member and she didn't need to request a special order, it was already accommodated in the bag.

Lesa Wald

Got our food to go. Ready very quickly. Got home, still warm. Really good

online ordering is terrible

Ordered online paid online got there and there was no order,stood in line and ordered and got their great food. Nobody there spoke English to complain to! Love their food hope they get organized.

Susan Beck

Obviously they are new, big clean dining area. Confusing when you walk in, as to if you should order or wait to be seated. Service is slow in seated areas. Owners should decide what there doing and then focus on improvi g the quality of food

C.J. Z

Very clean and quick with service, nice place overall with a pretty decent menu. Food was par I would say, had better had worse, but nice place to eat.


The new place is so nice and the renovations are great. We will be going here lots. The food is delicious and the staff is friendly.

Catie Pieper

The new place is wonderful. Good service, good food :)

Kraven Omega

First time at there new location and the food is phenomenal, possibility better than before. And they're making great use of the new space, whether for a walk in order or a sit for a bit meal. The feel is great definitely recommend eating here. Either if you're just driving through town or just a local, you won't regret eatting here.

Charles Caristi

We like the bigger, New Restaurant. Plenty of good parking, the staff very attentive. The owner himself was there and greeted us and had tables set up, for our crew of 9 Birthday people, for my sister in law Diane. ?


First time at this location I was visiting from Las Vegas food was good


First, their new restaurant home is beautiful. A group of 5 decided to check it out and we were impressed, some jitters with their new staff that I'm sure will be ironed out and as of this review there's no alcoholic beverages but the owner(?) told me this will be rectified soon. I see a 5 star rating soon.

Tiffani Waddell

Great food. They did such a nice job renovating and decorating the new place.

Joy B.

We went for lunch on the second day that they opened, and they were horribly understaffed. We waited over an hour to get our meals, and frankly, mine was not hot and didn't have much taste. It was certainly not authentic and tasted very ho-hum. My friends tell me that El Jefe is much better. But maybe they will improve their service once they hire more people.

Gary Grice

First day in their new First Class restaurant. Good food and friendly service. Happy they are closer to home for us to visit. Beautiful setting in Discovery Park.

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Rubalcaba's Mexican Restaurant

1500 Red Butte St, Pahrump, NV 89048
(775) 727-4225