Hinoki Sushi

5270 Longley Ln #110, Reno
(775) 409-4994

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Unagi nigir is great because they use the torch on it. Have to get the EMI and 300 rolls, the best ones there!

Diego Villagrana

Excellent sushi! The service is hit or miss. Unfortunately, this time it was a miss. Not sure if I will come back or recommend.

Gregg B

Sad… all good things come to an end. Pushed prices up almost 40% making it the most expensive all-you-can-eat sushi in reno- problem is it no better than the others and far from worth it. My last meal here and I’d rate it a 5 - bummer but not coming back

Jessica Acuna

Overall pretty good. I had a few favorites my top one had to be the ceviche roll it was very delicious.


Nice friendly service with no masks or covid restrictions! However the beef teriyaki has left to be desired, the salad wasn't the most fresh nor the dressing.. The beef itself wasnt tender at all and pretty much felt flat both in flavor and texture... That teriyaki sauce was alright along with the white rice, the tempura vegetables were alright and made a great addition... It didn't fill me which brings me to my next thing i order was the workout sushis! They were pretty good and creative such as putting beef on the top and using mangos in the center. I love how thin these sushis got as cutting them in half made it easy for everyone to share at a table! The prices were pretty fair and i could probably come here again!

Danielle Bruegeman

The food is great but the service leaves something to be desired. Wait time are always longer then they tell you and it doesn’t matter if you call in orders or make a reservation. They are terribly slow

Aviv G.

Great all you can eat sushi includes an appetizer and dessert. Order any sushi on the menu. Well-staffed and fast service when we were there.

Jessica Miller

One of the most limited sushi menus in town and they don't allow substitutions. Sushi itself is ok, way too much spice and had to eat ginger (which i never do) just to cool down my tongue. They keep raising their prices and try to say they are comparable to casino sushi which isn't true at all. They fully admit to not answering their phones so good luck trying to get anything to go or place a reservation. Also, one last thing, even though the restaurant limitations were lifted they did not allow my family (party of 8) to sit together. Only 4 to a table. Much better sushi around and cheaper too.

Robert Livingston

One of the best sushi places we have tried so far in Reno (and we have tried quite a few). The sushi’s rice is perfect and each roll tasted great. Not a large place and the wait was hefty. I would love to see them expand the size of the place as long as they don’t sacrifice the quality of their food.

Joon J.

Price: 5/5 $22 for AYCE sushi is awesome Taste: 5/5 particularly appreciate the rice to fish ratio Service: 5/5 Juan is a great chef and host. Despite a packed restaurant, he was both friendly and timely with our sushi

Miranda Y.

My favorite is volcano roll. I don't see lots of sushi with habanero sauce. The habanero sauce adds a different layer of subtle taste. If you want something spicy and unique, try this volcano roll next time you visit!

Bryan Espana Chavez

This place is by far my number one and favorite place for sushi! Here we have the Hamachi En Cama and the second is a custom roll made by one of the sushi chef that turned out incredibly delicious. From the miso soup to mussels, from sushi rolls to dessert at the end. This place will not disappoint. Can not wait to come here again soon and shortly!!

Tom Noel

Good selection of sushi. They have a variety of appetizers, long rolls, hand rolls and nigri. They have some various types of ice cream for dessert. All around a great place for sushi.


Love the all you can eat. Had a wonderful time. Also save room for ice-cream it was soooo good

Kachina K.

Food was good as usual and our server was nice. However, there were a few items that didn't make it to our table. When we ordered Quail egg and Salmon roe to replace this one that never arrived, we waited another 30 min. Finally, we just decided to pay and leave just as the sushi chef finally decided to make our order. Basically we felt like we had done something wrong and were paying for it. We won't be returning and instead will stick to Ohana Sushi because we always feel welcome.

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