Peg's Glorified Ham N Eggs - Mae Anne Ave

6300 Mae Anne Ave, Reno
(775) 624-2700

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Vicki Fair

Great food and fast service!

Michael Folkes

Great service, great food, and tons to choose from. I don't live in Reno, bit this is my go-to for breakfast whenever I'm in the area.

Kate M.

Love this location! The prices have gone up a bit and it's not cheap, but I'm hopeful that extra money goes into paying their great staff. The food and service here never miss.

Wanda Johnsen

We went to Peg's for Sunday morning brunch. The wait was a little long but it usually is. Service was slow because they were short on help. The food was excellent. Peg's is a favorite breakfast place for us.

edmund m.

Great place to eat breakfast in Reno. But the place is crowded yo! Get there early or after 10 am when the crowd dies down a little. The serving size is just right, just enough to get you full.

Alan C.

It is so good to be back at Peg's. I haven't been to Reno in almost a year and a half, and I was heartbroken when they closed their restaurant in Roseville. I showed up at their Sierra Street restaurant downtown at 6:30 AM, because that's when Siri said they opened. They didn't, this one did. Sooooooo, I just came out to this Location instead. I was seated quickly and my very friendly server came right to my table. I went for my old standby, the huevos rancheros. I love the fact that they can take a dish like this, put a healthy "spin" on it, and still make it very delicious. It normally comes with potatoes, but they will gladly swap The potatoes out with fresh fruit at no additional charge. The eggs were just like I asked them for, the sauce was awesome, I loved the pickled cabbage, and the salsa had a nice kick to it without blowing out my taste buds. The only possibly negative thing I could say was that the beans were a tiny bit al dente for my personal taste, but they still had so much flavor. They make a grest cup of coffee, and they make sure your cup stays full. Everything on the menu is great. if you want to go for their namesake ham and eggs, ask for the half of a ham steak. The full ham steak is a pound o' pig!!! Prices are very reasonable as it is, and, if you are military or a veteran, they will toss you a small discount as well. It is good to be back to a restaurant that does everything right.

Ivan B.

As expensive as this place is you'd think the AC would be running in July. And the 4.5 stars- y'all must not season y'all food

Michelle ohmmassagetherapy

People I work with rave about this place. I was disappointed. We came at 10am and it wasn't terribly busy from what I saw but empty tables were full of dishes, etc. Took 10 minutes to be seated and no one came to check on us and update us on the wait, or acknowledge the three groups that came in after us. When we got to the table and ordered ( there were 6 of us, two of which were children), we were informed no biscuits. So we ordered other things. The food came out a little at a time. One meal, half of another, missing items and we weren't really able to enjoy the meal at the same time. Had a difficult time getting refills on coffee, tea etc and the server had to be reminded at least 6 times we were still missing things. Worst thing was one of the kid's meals didn't come out until we all were almost done. He shared everyone else's meal while waiting and didn't even eat much of his own. Spent $138 and the food was just meh. I've had much, much better. Would not be returning to this place. We finally got done eating and out the door over two hours later. Disappointed ☹️

Victoria B.

I've been here twice and I can confirm that it's great for a breakfast or brunch! I love a good local place for breakfast and I'm glad I finally have one down the street. Their corned beef hash is awesome and it comes with unlimited toast. Their portions are great for the price. The staff are super nice and helpful. Overall, I'll be back for breakfast! Love it!


Food was delicious but my friends Tamale and eggs did not come with eggs. When my friend brought this to their (Dudley) attention when we asked for our check he said "sorry about that I can bri g you an egg". Never offered to adjust the bill or anything. As a former restaurant owner myself, this alone will make me choose another local place over Pegs Eggs.

Al Howarth

Peg's is amazing! Delicious, fresh food. Super friendly staff, and very reasonable prices.

Olie Ealy

The food was absolutely delicious and the service was on point with customers needs and requests. When Im in the area this establishment will most definitely be on the top five list.

Rob Kunkle

Great food and service. The eggs Benedict were really tasty

Joe L.

Peg's is the best breakfast spot I've ever been to, hands down. It is my go to whenever I need to put a smile on my face. Everything is amazing, even down to the toast.


It was a little difficult finding this place as I was not familiar with the area. Parking lot was crowded and there were 3 - 4 school buses parked in the lot. I took it as a hint of “locals” having breakfast. Waiting to be seated took awhile as the Hostess was acting as Cashier, Waitress and sort of chef as she made sure all the orders were complete. She was also taking care of phone orders too. Including her I saw two more waiters. There was no person I saw cleaning tables and prepping them for other customers. This seemed to be the waiters job. I didn’t see a “Hiring” sign outside but my opinion was they needed one more person to help. Oh yeah ……….the food. I ordered steak and eggs. It took 20 minutes from time of order to receiving order. The grilled mushrooms and onions perfectly complimented the steak. Hash browns was delicious too. Place was clean and price reasonable. Watching how the staff were running around cleaning tables, refilling coffee and checking customers one more person could have helped.

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Peg's Glorified Ham N Eggs - Mae Anne Ave

6300 Mae Anne Ave, Reno, NV 89523
(775) 624-2700