Royal India

575 Keystone Ave, Reno
(775) 507-7444

Recent Reviews

Lexa A.

My friends and I go here whenever we have someone come into town or we are having a large get together. The staff has always been accommodating and fast with our food. The food is always a hit. My boyfriend who usually doesn't like Indian orders several things off the menu and has broadened his horizons and now loves eating there. This place is great for meat eaters and vegans alike. If you're look to be full and happy this is the place to go.

Katie M.

Absolutely amazing Indian food. When I moved here, from a very foodie city, I was worried I would never get top notch Indian food again. Trust me, this is top notch. Their butter chicken is to die for. I have never had an order that I have been unhappy with.

Violet S.

We ordered take out last night ( butter chicken, chicken korma, garlic naan ) and will definitely be ordering again!! The portions were generous, the chicken in both dishes was incredibly tender, and the sauces were packed with flavor. I'd highly recommend eating here!!

Janeth M.

Me and my family order from her often and we enjoy the food a lot! And the customer service if is decent. Lovely atmosphere too!

David C.

Very good Indian food! We just got the butter chicken, rise, garlic naan and samosa. The butter chicken was very tasty and had lots of chicken. I'd order again. The rice was really good and they gave us a huge amount! The samosas were good, typical and tasty. The garlic naan was excellent and fresh. I'll definately order again.

Lorraine M.

This is the second time I've come for lunch within the last couple of weeks. One word - DELICIOUS. I got the Butter Paneer Masala & Fire naan this go around but the other vegetarian options and naan I have tried are spot on. This place is definitely one of my go to spots for lunch now.

Juliette L.

My go to place for Indian food! So delicious. I only ever order takeout but it's always enough food for several meals. And the garlic naan is phenomenal

Herman Rummings

First to get a five the establishment must excel. at all levels. The parking is sufficient. Lighting in lit is good. Property is very clean. Greeting was genuine and friendly. Noise level low. Ambiance is suttle and serene. Menu is varied. The food was flavorful and fresh. Presentation was very good. Unexpected and just a surprise. Pricing is solid which makes this a great value.

John Anderson

Good food but I asked for maximum spice yet my order wasn’t spicy at all. I only ordered from you guys because I wanted a spicy meal so that was a let down

Marii Talahuii

By far my favorite place! I’ve tried the other ones and this one our family likes! Every time we come we try something new! The guys are awesome and great personality.

Bikram T.

Such a bad test and low level quality food I ordered food for our family while visiting Reno . Waste of cash

Simon W.

I went here for a birthday dinner (party of 10) and was underwhelmed by both the food and service. We waited at least forty minutes for our drinks if not more, and the server was annoyed with us when we asked if drinks were still coming as they trickled out 2-3 drinks every 10 minutes over that half hour. In the same time period however, they had no problem giving us multiple orders of bread and appetizers, but the drinks were slow and we weren't even able to order our entrees until an hour or more after we had sat down After we ordered, our food came out decently quickly and the server noted that they were "trying to bring it all out at the same time", which they did. I ordered the Lamb Biryani with a spice level 4/6 and my husband ordered the Lamb Vindaloo 5/6. The biryani itself was pretty good but my biggest issue is that the lamb chunks were still lukewarm inside. The rice itself was hot, but the lamb wasn't (I'm assuming they heat the lamb separately and throw it in at the end). The other issue was that it wasn't spicy at all. I'd expect a 4/6 to have at least some heat to it but this was was what I would have expected a 2 to be like. That said, the portion size was huge for the price which was a plus. Assuming I had just ordered it too mild, I tried by husbands Lamb Vindaloo, typically the spiciest dish you can order, that was ordered at a 5 (6 being their extremely hot) and it too was extremely mild, about what I would have expected a 3 or maybe a 4 to be like. That said, the Fire Naan was extremely spicy and good, and we thoroughly enjoyed the Vegetable Pakoras, Garlic Naan, as well as the drinks, and their mint chutney is the best I've had in Reno. The basmati rice was also quite nice. They also were willing to store cake in their fridge for us as well as provide plates for it, so that definitely was a plus and good service. Overall, this restaurant didn't do it for me but I'd be willing to try it again when they have more staff, or in a smaller dining setting. I think they just weren't equipped to handle a large reservation and it shows so service was delayed. I could definitely see myself ordering Naan to go, and if I do try to eat in again, I will certainly order the spiciest level they have.

Kendall Roberts

Great food and great service EVERY time we come. Get the butter chicken it’s the best!

Sonal Dogra

Hope my experience will help someone for choosing the food ? I order,in stater veggie platter, in that pakora was half cooked. But the highlight of the dinner was veg navratan korma with garlic nana was good and yellow dal taka with rice was good.

matias bravo

This place was pretty good. I took a date here and it was a success. I mean the goat meat was tender and it reminded me of Mexican birria. Would've loved it with a harder kick, but my date would've been out for the count. We got the chicken at lvl 2, and the goat meat at lvl3 heat.

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