Sunrise Cafe

18603 Wedge Pkwy # A, Reno
(775) 853-5440

Recent Reviews

Mitch D

If you are anywhere near Carson City, NV, this is a GREAT place, worth going a little out of your way to experience!! Eclectic interior with all sort of unrelated stuff from thrift stores all over make it interesting to check out! It was fun actually getting to sign their wall, and the coffee and food were great! The young man who took care of us (naturally a family member, as all of them are part of a 4-family ownership group) was a great kid! He told us all about the place, etc.! And the food is GREAT!!

Daniel Granger

Excellent food and service! Huevos Ranchero Carnitas...

Stacey Ramsey

Good food, friendly service. Definitely going back next time we are in town

Ahmed Tar

Simply Amazing!Stopped by for brunch on the way to Tahoe with my wife and baby, and we had an EXCELLENT experienceNot only was the food delicious, we ordered the pancakes deluxe, which was amazing (eggs, pancakes and all) but the service was even better!Our server was super sweet, knowledgeable, and courteous, but even her colleagues were checking on us, making sure our waters, and coffees were topped up, and asking us how the food was… honestly, service like this deserves recognition!Thank you so much for an excellent experience

Kim R.

Fantastic service, Adrianna is a excellent server, always welcoming with exceptional service. The food is excellent with large portions. They do get pretty busy mid morning, but the staff is excellent at getting people seated in a timely manner without the feeling of being rushed. Wish they would open for dinner.

Gil Tapia

Service was Awesome, and the food was even better highly recommend.Great place to take the family,friends,or a hot date.

Debbie C.

Here in Reno area for business. Stumbled across this gem! Lucky locals to have this place! I had the Mango Bliss Salad with Chicken. O my!! So delicious! Thought about having it with Salmon but went with the chicken. Looking at the breakfast menu, Lobster Benedict; just wish I lived closer. And, they serve breakfast all day, bonus. Service was excellent, thank you Silvia!!!! Looking forward to coming back.

Valerie B.

Food wise really good my husbands burger looked juicy and he said it tasted very good. He would order it again. I had breakfast. The hash browns... let me just say omg they were so good!!! I could eat them morning noon and night!!! Okay the reason I am not giving them a full 5 stars... I asked for an ice tea no lemon. I got my ice tea with 2 lemons. Then I asked for ice and I received another ice tea. Other than that this will be a place we will return to when we visit Reno.

Kyle Palmer

Yumm! Yumm! Yumm! This place has become a regular for my girlfriend and I. The food is always good regardless of what you order. The staff is always super friendly and helpful!

Robert Livingston

My go to breakfast place on the weekends. Portions are very nice and fair and the menu is pretty well thought out. The staff is super friendly and attentive to your needs.

Scott D.

I don't always eat omelets, but when I do I prefer Sunrise Cafe's. The well-lit restaurant with comfortable indoor-only seating off U.S. Route 431 in southern Reno offers diners a choice of 12 omelets from which to choose and over the years I've tried most of them. About a year ago I settled on one: The Western Omelet made with diced ham, onions, bell peppers and Jack cheese. The omelet comes with a side; depending on the season I'll ask for a cup of fruit or a salad, both of which arrive in a generous portion. The fruit cup would be most other restaurants' fruit bowl and the salad is substantially more than a couple of leafs of lettuce. The chipotle dressing is so good I always ask for two servings and take one home; it's made on premises so I can't merely buy a bottle from a store, as much as I wish I could. Many restaurants add lots of artery-clogging butter or cornstarch to their eggs to make them fluffy. According to staff Sunrise Cafe's chefs only add a small amount of cold water to their eggs and cook them on high heat while constantly stirring them in a pan to get them fluffy. I've never had an omelet that I didn't thoroughly enjoy at Sunrise Cafe, and compared to other breakfast-and-lunch restaurants in southern Reno, including the popular Squeeze In, the prices are very competitive. The Sea Garden Omelet, the most expensive omelet on Sunrise Cafe's menu, features real crab meat (and spinach, tomatoes, avocado and Jack cheese) and costs a reasonable $13.99. The cafe's long menu also includes a bunch of Benedicts, a bevy of half-pound Angus beef burgers, and a gaggle of 18 sandwiches, as well as a host of tough-decision breakfast options such as the Carnitas Huevos Rancheros (excellent) and the Sunrise Breakfast Burrito. Many if not most restaurants that offer breakfast burritos stuff them with cheap, starchy and often greasy potatoes. Not Sunrise. Theirs are potato-free and contain only fluffy scrambled eggs, choice of chorizo, sausage or a delicious applewood-smoked bacon, onions, peppers and Jack cheese wrapped in a large flour tortilla. Sunrise also offers a Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito that is quite tasty and contains zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, yellow squash, avocado, spinach and Jack cheese. One drawback for some people will be that while Sunrise Cafe offers mimosas, it does not have a liquor license, which means you'll have to go elsewhere is you just gotta have a Bloody Mary at your table. Having been to Sunrise Cafe so many times I can also comment on the staff. All of the waiters are women and all are friendly and efficient as can be. There's not a thing I don't like at Sunrise Cafe, although my wife prefers to dine on a patio when the weather's lovely and Sunrise Cafe doesn't offer outdoor seating. And I admit I do enjoy patio dining when the weather's splendid, but I don't go to any restaurant for its seating.

T V.

Excellent service. Very welcoming and kind. Ordered the Carnitas Omelet, which was over the top delicious! Overall a relaxing and comfortable environment. Definitely recommend.

MaryLou J.

Sunrise Cafe is our favorite place to eat breakfast and lunch! Food never disappoints! The staff are friendly and courteous. Just wish they were open for dinner as well!!!

Alisha W.

The food here is fantastic!!!!! The steak Benedict is so big you can share. They actually give you 2 steaks!!! The country fried steak and eggs are out of this world. I wish I lived closer so I could eat here everyday. They have so many options for food that I will be back to try everything on this menu!!

James M.

This is a great little spot that I recommend to my road warrior friends. Happy to have found it on my way from Tahoe to Reno. The hostess was exceptional, even though I just stopped in for a takeout breakfast. She was very kind and accommodating, served me coffee while I waited and treated the restaurant as if it were her own. The breakfast burrito was a feast. Thick with eggs and sausage, served with hashbrowns, beans, fresh salsa and a dab of sour cream. It was more than a healthy portion, and very savory. Wish I would have taken a few pictures but I was in the moment with my breakfast.

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