251-05 Jamaica Ave, Queens
(718) 347-1304

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Raina F.

As much as I love Starbucks and the menu, this location never has any of the drinks. It's disheartening because it's walking distance from me and the staff is wonderful but they're always out of a lot of items on the menu. I'm hoping they can get it together so I can go to my local spot :( I wish them the best of luck

Joel Monserrate

Place was busy but the service was excellent and so was the green tea frappuccinos?

Jessie Torres

They made my order quickly ,but the girl at the register was not friendly at all , after each item i ordered she would say "thats it " i find that very off putting and I felt like i was being rushed , not to mention i was standing in line for about 8 min waiting to order and she tried to help someone else who had just walked through the door . No greeting ,no apology. Then the barista that handed me my drinks directed me to where i could get a cup holder whereas the person he served ahead of me had less drinks than i ordered yet he put her drinks in a cupholder. Im not knit picky but these are the things that make a customer feel valued and I would not patronize this specific location in the future.

Susan DS

Helpful customer service. Nice and clean store.

TJ Schaefer

With having indoor seating again, I was excited to sit down and enjoy my time with a friend. I'm not entirely sure if they have a sanitary protocol regarding their seating though. It doesn't personally bother me, but something to think about with the restrictions loosening and others who might be more concerned still.The baristas were kind and my orders were timely and made well. Thanks for a good experience!

Nadia Syed

Everytime i go here i never get the proper order! They always mess up what i ask for and dont bother to fix it. Also they’re rude and really bad customer service.

Batouli Greve

So friendly Everything taste so good

Olga Raskin

I feel dumb leaving a review for a Starbucks but I almost asked to speak to the manager because the staff was so damn pleasant and deserves recogntion. I don’t live anywhere near here but keep it up!

Christina D.

I always mobile order and my coffee is always ready when I arrive. I see a lot of people saying "when I mobile order I still have to wait".... Mobile ordering doesn't mean your drink gets made before everyone else in the store. Just put in your Mobile order, do some shopping in the center for a few minutes THEN go pick up your drink. It's really that simple. This Starbucks is ALWAYS busy with customers that will complain but still show up for their coffee fix so I won't fault the partners for messy stores, full garbages or not smiling and other nonsense that people that come to this store complain about. Broken machine? I'm sure the partners or management didn't do that on purpose or to themselves so.... why give them grief for it. These employees work with the assistance that Starbucks gives them. They can either make your drink and you can go about your business or you can wait so they can clean the mess that CUSTOMERS make. Just get your drink and go 0__o 5 stars for this Starbucks and all their efforts to service their community that goes unnoticed

Sara Y.

They were out of coffee the other day (LOL) but the manager handled it with grace and was super apologetic about it. Can't imagine having to handle that with irate customers to boot. I have a good experience every time I interact with them.

M. T.

Starbucks Bellerose hit an all-time low today. Sign on the door today that read "Not serving coffee." The coffee machines all broke. Not really sure how this happens, but I have been here enough times to know that it is understaffed, poorly trained and poorly stocked. Can someone from corporate please visit this branch and fix it.

Jasnoor’s Show

I would give this place 5 stars because they have super nice employees and they make their drinks so good! I love how they ask what type of milk would you like and how they offers straws and everything I follow Starbucks on tik tok and I love them so much! They deserve 5 stars

Natalie Otero

Excellent service, fresh products and clean establishment

George M Malakian

My wife has a gift card for Starbucks, so we want there and got non-coffee drinks. The service is very good and the drinks to fare time to make. And yes enjoyed the drinks.

Katharine Ng

Worse starbucks ever . The girl took 30 mins to take me order . They all keep talking without worrying about customers. I think they should hire new people. Never go here .

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