251-5 Jamaica Ave, Queens
(718) 347-1304

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Iveth - For the love to

First time here and the ordering was fast, the. Drinks were awesome and the staff was friendly!

Tiffany J

Every time I come here I am happy with what I get. Today to be honest felt so magical with the two females that were working the front register at 8am. I have to compliment the staff because despite being slammed with orders they were working diligently and it is nice to see people enjoy what they do. Whether you want hot coffee like my husband gets or an iced drink like I do you will find something you like. I also tried the new chicken with maple butter and egg sandwich. Sooooo good. I posted some pics which are ok because this is a legit review and this place is one of my best places to go. It is a whole vibe.

Edward Park

Love the staff here. Very friendly. They get pretty busy so there is a little bit of a wait which is expected. The mobile app is probably the best way to order and then pick it up at your quoted ready time, that is if your drink is available to be ordered.

Muhammad Ifitkhar

i like their frappuccinos, i like how the interior of the place looks, the drinks come fast, employees understand your order and they are very friendly. i always received good service here.

Michele Carias

Awesome staff, very busy. They noticed I was standing there for a few minutes and checked and made it.I forgot to send them a tip. However, this crew of WOMEN ROCK!!! They work fast, clean and acknowledge their customers... I was there on March 22, 2022 in the late AM. I hope they are recognized.

Ash Dee

They NEVER have anything in stock. I call/order/visit multiple times a week to ask because this store is the closest to my house. At least 4x a day, they take off mobile orders. As a busy mom, this makes it difficult. They take things off the app and label out of stock even though they actually have it. A few weeks ago on a Sunday morning around 10am, I went and they were closed. For overpriced coffee, you should really have a better experience getting your coffee here. It really is ridiculous. I plan on making the trip elsewhere after today.

Annie Howe

I've been to a lot of Starbucks over the years but I've never been as happy with my order as when I visit my local one in Bellerose, NY. The people there are the friendliest I've encountered, with smiles and patience. And no matter what I order, they always fill it to perfection. I recently visited another Starbucks and was very disappointed with their menu and lack of availability of my favorite frappuccino. Another Starbucks I used to frequent never seemed to get my drinks consistently right, so I never knew what to expect. My favorite Starbucks, in Bellerose, never disappoints! Thanks, Bellerose, you guys are the best! And now I need a Cookie Crumble Frapp!

IDANIA Parache

I realized I placed my order at another location and was running late, Victoria was very professional and accommodating and said not to worry she would take care of it!! ??thank you!! You made my day that much better!!

John Singh

Staff is slow order is never correct. I blame management. Order ahead is always off and such an inconvenience. They always saying short staff yet staff doesn't really put in full potential. When you go is always a long wait makes you just want to go to Dunkin. Half of items advertised there are always out of.

Edwin Naomi

Place needs a little cleaning. We wanted to sit in and sip our coffee but the tables were so dirty, the floors were filth and garbage piled to brim of the disposal area. Now I’m all about having fun at work but… had to remind my server what a venti look like. Otherwise the coffee taste good and the servers were pleasant.

Tommy Li

Lacey is very kind hearted woman. She was the barista that made my cup of coffee and it tasted like it was made out of love. Thank you for making my day.

Brooke Strauss

They never have dragon fruit. No exaggeration on “never”. Lol

Brian Maleh

The worst Starbucks I have probably been to. Waited 20 minutes for my order never came so I walked out because I had to go to work. The manager there should know how to be efficient with the orders that they get especially times when they are not busy

Millene Milani

They are terribly slow. If you are in a hurry, go to a different location.

Soterios Kitsos

Terrible service, staff very slow unorganized and rude.I will NOT recommend this starbucks

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