135 Alexander Ave, Bronx
(718) 489-9397

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Andre Ransome

food great,drinks are serious. music and vibe is perfect. it's the best of both worlds.


I celebrated my best friends birthday at Beatstro and we had great time. The decor has a classy hip hop vibe and the music was on point despite the lack of 90s early 2000 rap music I was expecting.The food is decent. I do like the family style food option.The young lady that served us and the hostess were excellent.

Erik Gonzalez

Excellent Bomb Sangria to complement any meal. Also, Brunch all day on Sunday just made my day. Alexander is a closed street on weekends during daylight making it inviting to explore shops like the Lit Bar nearby.

Hayley Luna

Strong drinks and good food. Pictured is the pulled pork sandwich, fried chicken sandwich, and a side of mac n cheese. Whatever you order make sure you get the mac n cheese!

Phee D.

3wks I read the reviews before we eventured out and after reading some I was not looking forward to going. BUT I like to judge for myself glad I always keep an open mind . With that being said... our Sever Stanley who was training Makayla were excellent in every way. And we ran them not to be mean but because we were drinking that much.! Food/Drinks Excellent!!.The vibe is Great and the music Fantastic . My friends and I enjoyed ourselves . I recommend this spot. Going back soon

Rachel Robinson

The Atmosphere was great...the staff was polite and service was awesome..Cant wait to go back

Yuisa De Aguiar

Good food. Awesome staff. Great time.

Pamela J

So I took my SO to Brunch for her birthday here. At first, I was put off. They want you to scan the code for the menu. I have an android and really refuse to download an app just to do this. So I asked for a menu. Keep in mind it took a minute for anyone to understand that we were waiting FOR a menu, for me to even ask. I'm Gen X, so we can be anti tech sometimes. Scanning for menus is a no no for me. But the staff couldn't locate the "paper" menus, so I downloaded an app to scan. They forgot to mention there was shotty coverage in the spot, but have wifi available. (Ugh) So I'm waiting a dinosaur's lifetime to download the menu, without wifi access. At this point I'm Han-gry. But then my wonderful server offered endless mimosas, and I relaxed and found my happy place. They found outdated, beta menus, and we ordered. The Food Was Amazing.......My SO had the steak and eggs. I had the Cajun-but-non-Cajun dish called Locrio. I also ordered the Josafina appetizer. It was tart, sweet, and had a little spicy kick. Very good. Different. Over all, very good food. Pictures, graffiti art, vinyl records and music, paying homage to the hip hop/rap artists from the Bronx and beyond. It's a casual ambiance, with contemporary yet classical flare. The cook station is enclosed with glass, and centrally located, so you can watch then work. I really enjoyed this place. Our server, (whom had an air of more-than-just-a-server vibe) (please forgive me, I meant to note his name, and didn't) was forgiving of my initial attitude and was quite attentive. This is a hidden gem in the south Bronx. You MUST visit!

Nicholas Miles

well, me and the DC crew came up here and got it all the way in! lol. i’ll be back!!!

Samantha Gandia

Wasn't worth it. Food is all recooked reheated they have a full bar displayed but don't have a full liquor bar. Have to scan the menu which gets downloaded on your phone just to order. Roast pork had more taste of fat then flavor. And the rice well I could have reheated last night's dinner the same way but it would have tasted better. We asked for a Manager and there was no one in charger. Who's restaurant does it belong to cause there was no one to correct how poorly the food was or how we were treated. Because we were a straight couple we got an attitude when there was other gay couples that came in and they were treated way better greeted pleasantly and it wasn't just us that was a straight couple there that was treated the same way. I work at Presbyterian and I would never refer anyone to this place.

tyesha johnson

Myself and my 3 adult children came here to celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday. The food was absolutely delicious and this was my 1st experience having brunch. They did not disappoint and I love this place. The decor was beautiful and the DJ & music rocked. We left with smiles on our faces and will definitely come back.

T Davis

Nice eatery. The security was amazing. He made our whole night!

Katie Navarette

Food was overcooked (eggs over easy came with more than half the yolk solid/well and the rest of it medium at best).I know it can be hard to get hashbrowns extra crisp, but my order came out looking exactly like my friend's who'd gotten standard.Steak and chimichurri were fine, mimosa was ok. Place was clean, but the food was just not worth it.


My girl friend, her daughter and I went for brunch and the menu alone was ?? very limited options and you have to choose from the brunch menu, they won't allow you to look at the regular menu or dinner menu. The mimosa that was served to our table was room temperature and the bottle it came had dirt on it and we were still charged for it even though we didn't drink from it. Appetizers were to pricey for such small portions and the meal it self was bland and that was just my plate. The shrimp and grits my friend had she said the grits didn't taste well at all and she only had 4 baby shrimps again not worth the price they charged. The sangria was probably the only good thing I had but still nothing was worth the 220 dollar bill we paid

jason miles

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here. My apologies for not remembering the name of my server. She was great. She was way cool and gave us plenty of time to get our order together properly.My food, was bomb ?! I ordered the "Crispy Chicken Sandwich. " it come loaded with pickles, cheddar and bacon. I hope the pics do justice. To drink I had Gin and Juice. A very tasty mint and mango drink. Not too strong but not a waste of the $17 I paid for it. My wife is not much of a drinker and she finished hers and enjoyed it. Oh, and she had the Salmon with Lemon Mashed Potatoes. (not pictured)The environment was cool. Kinda clubby, if you will. Dim lights cool music and pictures of some of the greatest rappers of all time hanging on the walls. They even had the G.U.R.U. which was a nice touch.Overall, I had a dope time . The prices are decent. One of the few places I have ever been where my drink cost more than my food. Lol. Regardless, if you find yourself in the BX, give this place a try. The vibe is peace, the food is delicious and the customer service is very good. 5 stars.

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