Bronx Alehouse

216 W 238th St, Bronx
(718) 601-0204

Recent Reviews

Edwin Senbergs

It's been a few years since have been there.The bartenders are friendly and courteous. Enjoyed my stay there

Sofia Newsam

the service was great our server Jose was excellent there should be more like him he made us feel at home

Arlynn Rosario

The go to spot for all my friends! I always highly recommend this place. Good vibes, food, service, price and good atmosphere overall. Never a bad experience out of the numerous times I been here and still my favorite place to go to in the neighborhood.

Jason Elias

Great food, great drinks! Came a bit later into the night, a few things were unavailable to order. Other than that, great service and experience!

Emanuel Rodriguez

I order the sliders and garlic parm fries, it’s was awesome. The fried Mac & cheese bars is not great. Has a great fried crispy exterior but the inside is missing the liquid gold american cheese flavor. The onion rings were excellent but the portion was horrible for $8.

Austin Martinez

A generous two stars because of the beer menu that’s fairly unique for the area. Service was absolutely terrible. Hostess was rather rude in telling us to move out of the way when we were waiting to be seated. It took 20 minutes for the server to show up to take our order when they weren’t ridiculously busy. The server carried our glasses to the table by the rim, which is disgusting, even outside of a pandemic. He also didn’t know what a saison was or where it was on his tablet. The beer took 25 minutes to come out after we finally got our order in. Won’t be returning.

Ronaldo Attimy

First off the lemonade was not fresh as we were told, we sent it back, the burgers that we ordered was ok, the service was ok, I tried the bronx summer ale very good..

Lawanda Chestnut

Haven't had the chance to sit and eat but if my deliveries can come out perfect the 2 times I have ordered...They have these candied wings that are cook perfectly and the flavor is addictive. My food is always warm when it reaches and packed neat. New spot for sure

Joann J.

Got to the ale house and decided to sit outside and pretend I'm in Paris dining alone. Yasmine was nice enough to help me find something on the beer menu. The burger was on point and the music worked. Great waitresses and terrific food. I'll be back!

Celine Diagne

I love coming here with my boyfriend. The food is amazing!! We always get a Bronx is Burnin’ with a few random choices. Never a miss. The best wings!!! And the service is always impeccable.

Yari F.

I love it here! I always get that baked mac and cheese with bacon-- its so good! The sliders and wings are really good, burgers are always juicy- and the Blueberry Lemonade/La Chinola (passionfruit) drinks are good too! 10/10 reccommend!

Victor M.

My favorite spot to go for some amazing wings. They have so many beer options. Make sure you try the wings double cook

Lorianny A.

I rate this resturant 4/5. The resturant has outdoors and indoors dinning. Went around 4pm and they were not busy surprisingly. It is a sports ball with beers of every unique flavor. This is one of my top 5 wings spot in the city. This is my 9th time here. It usually is busy and they will write your name. When it is busy the service is a bit horrible but it's understandable. As we were seated water was taken to us. The server comes and takes down the drink order then gives you time for the rest of the order. For drink: I got a beer. I love beers. I got 15 Allagash triple. For appetizer: We went with fried mac'n cheese. This is my absolute favorite. It is a perfect way to start with off. It is crispy yet so creamy and heart warming on the inside. For Lunch: I ordered traditional wings flats ONLY. Ordered Thai Chili, House BBQ and Jerk Sauce. Thai Chili is the best sauce they have hands down! It has a kick of spice yet it is sweet. It is always a great choice. The House BBQ you cannot go wrong with. If you want to play it safe just get House BBQ. Now the Jerk sauce it is SPICY. I love jerk sauce but this sauce made my lips plush. I loved it. Lastly we got the Garlic Parmesan Fries. They were ok. I feel like it was missing more Parmesan cheese. Were a but soggy too. Overall- the food was amazing. The service when they are busy is not the greatest. If you dislike waiting, rethink this place or just order take out. I have done this before because the wait was sick. More servers maybe? Not sure but it overall was a solid 4/5. Will I come again: yes!

Javier Carcamo

We frequented bronx ale house prior to covid and have been ordering every now and then during. the food is always great the service is on point. But yesterday on our first dinner back there with my family we were served by Julia and the service was outstanding she definitely went above and beyond.

Diane L.

This place used to be so awesome. Unfortunately their service and food went downhill. If you are into cocktails this is not the place for you but they do have a huge selection of yummy beers :)

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