F&J Pine

1913 Bronxdale Ave, Bronx
(718) 792-5956

Recent Reviews

Dawn Podolsky-Kagan

Amazing service friendly staff and just all around amazing atmosphere

Terry Washington

Great Everything !! Aldi is the BEST !! He made my daughter trunk party a great success.

sharece bailey

My friends and family brought me here to celebrate my birthday and I must say we truly had an amazing time! The facilities were very clean, the food was amazing and the staff went above and beyond to make sure we had a great time!

Steven Pallogudis

It's gone downhill. Food is atrocious.Nothing is seasoned properly or at all.No effort put into any of the dishes.Bland trash, not even proper presentation or garnishing.Your local pizza shop will seem like a 5 star restaurant compared to this prison food.Only consolation is the bartenders are on point. You're going to need a few drinks to forget this meal.


Call for reservation. Told don't need one. Show up only to be asked if I have reservation!?! 40 min. Wait. Food was good but portions were small for price.

Bru B Rog

The food and service is EXCELLENT. The ragu was the best I've ever had and the meatballs were perfect, dinner salad was great and the entire experience was outstanding

micayla castiglia

The Pine is the perfect place to find authentic Italian food for both intimate dinners or larger events. Their event space has been recently updated and has outdoor patio access which was perfect our summer party! So appreciative of the staff who worked out every detail and hosted such an incredible night.

Cooper Tinsley

First time here this weekend and had an awesome experience! They had a valet which is huge, the food was awesome and very reasonably priced. The service was excellent, everyone seemed happy to be there. And on top of all of that, this is a family owned and operated restaurant which makes it all that much cooler. The daughter came over to our table to check on us and even though it was super busy, made us feel personally welcomed. It was my first time here but most definitely not my last


The residence inn has this as one of their suggested places to dine. I also checked out the reviews here on TA. I am so glad I tried this great Italian restaurant. I had the special ragu and it was EXCELLENT. The service was excellent and the dinner salad was perfect. The fresh made bread and the mushroom and pepper topping for the bread was wonderful- I can recommend this as one of the best Italian restaurants I've been to in the US

Kim N.

This is the Bronx's best Italian restaurant!!! From the ambiance and decor to the great drinks and food (must get penne vodka and fried ravioli), this place is a must try. They also has valet so no need to worry about finding a spot! 10/10 recommend

Toya H.

I had a drink at the bar while I waited for my date. The bartender was lovely and the vibe was nice. We were brought to our table after 10 mins which was lovely. The food was so delicious. My date enjoyed his bolognese and I honestly enjoyed my lobster ravioli. The wine was delicious. The portions are just outstanding. I'm pleased.

Amy Sotomayor

Loved the fantastic event spaces and friendly staff. Delicious food you can’t find anywhere else! Great place to go with family, friends or a date. The service is excellent and I’ve been coming here for years now; so many great memories of time spent in this restaurant’s amazing atmosphere.

Janice Thomas

Great food. Tasty. Great service . Has valet parking

Dilsia Pena

Great place to go with family friends and a date ! Excellent food and the service is fantastic! Coming here for couples years now. Love the decor! They have private dining rooms if you dining party is more than 12 plus, outdoor dining and you always can seat at the bar and have a nice cocktail and food. I had done all the above.

Brendaleah B.

Not what it used to be. I got food poisoning so bad I had to go to Urgent Care the very next day. My daughters only good the runs and my former husband abdominal pain, but I got the worst of it. All I ate was 1 Bruschetta and 2 calamaris, right after I felt sick. I took my dinner to go. I thought that maybe after not eating out in 2 years outside food did not agree with my stomach but after I got the runs, fever, body pain and had to go to City MD I was just confused until the doctor told me I had food poisoning. I swear I was in shock. Come to find out my Coworker and her husband ate there 2 days before me and both ppl got sick with the runs . I was like wait a dagone minute, what is going on here?? I called the restaurant manager right after I came out of Urgent Care and all they said was .. so sorry my supervisor will call you back, give me your number and that was it. HORRIBLE.. the pain I went through these last 3 days fever, OMG my body was so incredibly sore I thought I had Covid, got tested and it was negative.. body pain,so much body pain, on and off fever for 3 days low grade of 100.3. I will NEVER return to this place. This was not always like this but it was sold and omg you can tell these are not the same owner, flies in the restaurant ,food was served semi warm .. even the coffee I was so confused because I always ate there until the Pandemic hit. I def reported this incident.

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