Fontenova Cantina

216 W 242nd St, Bronx
(718) 618-7133

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Denise Rios

The food was very delicious! The paella was amazing. The servings are huge here and the prices are reasonable.

Su Sallie

Peach and Mango mojitos score

Johannah Aguasanta

I rarely leave any negative reviews but DON'T order from this restaurant unless you want to wait 2.5 hours for your food. I am with in a 10 minute radius and was told the delivery driver was in traffic FOR OVER AN HOUR, the lack of professionalism is honestly baffling. I'm sure you can find another Mexican restaurant that wont waste your time.

Mike M.

I usually come to this place, and the food is usually pretty good, which is why I am giving them a 3 star review, instead of 2. However, this past time, with my four friends, the waitress did not take our order or give us menus, and we had to ask, after about 15-20 minutes of waiting. While the function was a little busy, that shouldn't mean that it had to take that long to even address our existence. At least, just give us the menus, after 5 minutes. I don't mind waiting a little, but that was not it. After ordering, it took nearly 35-45 minutes to receive our food, and two other friends, including myself, ordered tacos, which came as two on one plate. While our alcoholic beverages were served, after 25-30 minutes, it took much longer to serve our tacos, as previously mentioned. In addition, whenever the waitress served our food, she turned her head away, as soon as she put the plates down, which felt kind of rude. While, her action did not affect my mood, it felt wrong for her to do that, and as a former busboy, I would always make my customers feel welcome and happy when serving food, even when having a full and busy house. It is nice and feels nice to help customers, but it was clear that this woman didn't feel the same way. The restaurant is relatively small, so I don't understand how it could've taken that long to receive our food, but the only think that comes to mind is partial laziness, lack of chefs/cooks in the kitchen, or having a very small kitchen. Usually, the food is pretty good, but the service has been on the longer side, whenever I've gone to Fontenova. It is not always too long, but every time I have gone there, it has been at least a 30-minute wait. However, the food is pretty good and I like it! It's a shame the waitress was the way she was, though. If someone went to Fontenova with someone they met for the first time, for instance, it could be an awkward and neglectful experience for both. Though it could never happen to me, I'm sure some people would take more offense to it. Summary: I like the food, but not so much the service/wait

Jannel Tillman

Only giving 2 stars because the food was good. Drinks were meh. The service was terrible! The hostess (or whoever she was) extremely rude and unprofessional. Will definitely encourage others to not patronize this business.

Moodie L.

Wow, Fontenova Tapas was actually mind-blowing. The menu is amazing and the atmosphere is perfect. Every single menu item that we have ordered was really fresh and delicious. First off, the service was awesome. We will definitely be back to Fontenova Tapas.

Diego S.

DON'T ORDER FROM HERE.  The food is good, but the service and delivery brings incompetence to a whole new level.  There are often problems with the orders, such as missed items or lateness.  Don't order them on Grubhub!  When they were Taco Mix, the order was canceled twice.  They never called to update me.  Today, I realized they're now Fontanova, so I ordered from them, thinking that they got better at delivery.  Boy, was I wrong!  They called me over an hour after I ordered to tell me they ran out of an item and were buying it.  They then called me a half hour later saying they gave my order to someone else!  They didn't even offer me a complimentary meal, so I cancelled and will have to wait 3-5 business days to get my money back!  This is really bad business practice and the manager and delivery people should be fired!  DON'T ORDER FROM HERE!!! Find recipes and make it at home yourself!

c vega

Small dishes and entrees are all delicious

Carrie Sorensen

Stopped in here last week for the first time with a friend who lives near by. We had the carnitas tacos and the barbacoa. Both were so good, so fresh and so much flavor. The meat on each was distinct and delicious. Definitely worth a second visit.

beyker games

It is a very beautiful place and I liked the verdas a lot I recommend it

Shanthi S

Me and my hubbys go to. Fast, clean and friendly service!

Candice S.

For the most part this was a great experience. The nachos are amazing. There are a ton of toppings and it's not just on the top layer of chips! Definitely worth the money. The tacos on the other hand were a waste of money. One tiny and messy taco for $5 is ridiculous. I also ordered a side of queso and when I say tiny! It was the same size as the sauce co trainers that come with the food. Overall I'll stick to the nachos and avoid the tacos. I also wish their delivery menu I clouded more alcoholic drinks. I'll give them another try.

Lia L.

Stopped by yesterday, since their outdoor patio was empty. (head's up -- tables are not 6' apart)Sangria was tasty, but nothing special. No fruit in it, but could taste it.Fish tacos were superb. Salmon Tartare was also yummy (strong sesame flavor gave it Asian flair, paired well with guacamole), but the raw oysters were really great!!! Fresh and briny, perfect sips of the sea!Waiter was attentive and friendly, wore a mask properly every time we saw him, and we will definitely be back!

Neha Khan

I had a great experience! I ordered nachos and a margarita and both were great. The staff was sweet and friendly

Neha K.

This place was awesome! I ordered goat nachos and it was delicious. I had a margarita and it was incredible! The staff was so sweet!

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