Luna Cafe

601 E 187th St, Bronx
(917) 473-7400

Recent Reviews

Noel Mendez

Good Albanian cafe with diverse menu of tradition cafe food.

Rosa Campuzano

It had the best coffee and cake. Loved it

Jennifer Cruz

Very nice ambiance the waiters are very nice great service gives you an indoor outdoor seating option I chose inside due to the heat wave that day it was nice and cool inside I ordered the creamy reessotto with steak and my husband order fettuccine Alfredo with the grilled chicken . We were not aware of the portion sizes for it was our first time dining there the portion sizes are rather large the husband and I shared my order and still leaving some over as for the fettuccine it could use some more flavoring but other then that the salad was delicious the atmosphere was calm relaxing and great over all I still give it a 5 star

Angel C.

All I can say is skip this place. Do not waste your money n time here. I got there at 820pm. I did not get service until 840pm. At 935pm still didn't get wat we ordered n that's when i left. They did bring out the drinks and a dessert that my friend ordered at around 850pm. I asked the waiter when he passed by... What's up with my order. He said the most dumbest lie. "The cook forgot your order in the oven n it got burnt". I mention my friend's order, what about the calamari, he tells us that they don't have any. That order was made at 845pm n he tells us after 9pm n that's only because I asked. At this point it wasn't worth it. I lost my appetite. I gave it another 20 min and still nothing. I said f that. I went inside and asked for my check for the CAN OF SPRITE, POLAND SPRING BOTTLE WATER, COFFEE, N CREPE. It came out to 21 n change!!! i messed up. I wasn't thinking cuz I was already frustrated. I only looked at the items charged n not the prices. There is no way that those items even cost that much. I usually read reviews of a place before entering, but this was spur of the moment. I was hungry n riding by n seen it n stopped. Man, i should've read the reviews. The comment about this place being a scam, i agree 100% with. This the worst place n service i ever had. Avoid this place!


For me a restaurant experience is excellent service and food. Unfortunately this restaurant failed to deliver on all hospitality elements. The servers took 45 minutes to deliver a luna cafe toast. The ice coffee tasted like water. Highly not recommended and will not be returning.

G T.

Sub par food and service. Wasted a trip to Arthur Ave trying this place. Oh well, live and learn. I should have checked Yelp first. :(

Morgan S.

Absolute worst service I've ever received at any restaurant here. It took 20 minutes for them to take our order and no one was even there. The bathroom was also disgusting.

John Ç

This place is a bit of a scam. The bill includes the 15% tip. Then they say on the bill that there’s a cash discount. The waiter comes out and tells me the “credit card machine is down”. So I pay in cash… the kicker is that not only did they not discount me for paying in cash, but the guy brought back the wrong change and swiped an extra $2 in addition to the pre built in 15% tip. Was that $2 worth the bad review? You have to ask yourself. So basically I paid more to pay in cash and not with a credit card. I give it a few months before this place goes under.

Deirdre Lloyd

Perfect cafe in the Bronx Little Italy on Arthur Avenue. Service was excellent, coffee was outstanding. Highly recommend.

Nathalie R.

Server told me to take a seat, After 20 minutes he never came by to take my order or give me a menu. I had to snatch a menu to see what I wanted. After that I stood up and asked a server if he could take my order. He apologized for the wait and said he would be with right me. I took a seat again and after 15 more minutes NO SERVICE. Keep in mind it is not busy and there are only 3-4 parties sitting outside. After that I just got up and left. If the service is this bad I can't imagine the food. Come here if you would like to waste your time!

Stephanie Jean-Stern

Started out okay. It wasn't too crowded and there were plenty of servers to tell us we can sit where we want. But it took me flagging down a server after sitting for 20 minutes to place an order. Our app and salad came out quickly, but they never brought our pizza. We were patient considering it started to get pretty crowded. But after waiting another 40 minutes, I got up and went in the restaurant to pay for the items we actually got, which was really too kind of me.

Savara Wilson

Let me start by saying this is about my 10th time eating here, but my first bad experience. I love the fried Calamari so that's what I had.. A tad bit salty today, no clue why.. Upon walking up to the door, the waitress tells to sit anywhere outside.. I do.. Unfortunately I sat there for about 20 minutes before someone other than her asked did someone take my order.. Over looked? Maybe but I was sitting right by the front door.. So I finally get my plate of food.. Waiter walks away.. No water offered. No utensils offered. I HAD TO ASK.. Even had to ask for the bill.. Needless to say if I'm ever craving a quick Calamari fix, I'll just get it to go..

Phil P.

I’ve been waiting 30 minutes for the waiter to take my card for payment. Place isn’t crowded.

Alieza Samad

The service was horrible, it’s more of a gossip cafe than an professional cafe. The staff are rude even though they don’t say anything but their gestures shows it. The boss or managers smokes hooka in the cafe. It’s not professional at all. I’ve had a friend who tried working there and they didn’t pay her. They used her and then told her to not come back after telling her to work 8-12 hours and take tables. The staff also don’t wear mask and are inconsiderate about the smoke.

Usser Hacker

They are hiring people and I suggest you guys not to work here, I’ve been training for almost a week and haven’t been hired, they have paid me $20-30, and the highest I got was $40 for working 8 hours straight. Its like getting paid 3 dollars an hour !! The highest I worked was 12 hours and they payed me $20. So if your looking for a job I suggest you not to come here. They will use you and they are selfish bc they want the money for themselves. I have made tips but didn’t get any, just went straight to their pockets. The place is very stressful and they want you to do things perfectly and if you make small mistakes while training, they will give you an attitude and yell and when that happened to me they told me only to clean and give the food, but that’s not what training is all about. While I was working there, they never even told me thank you for your help and the job is very tiring, giving the customers food, getting tables, cleaning, giving checks on time. I have learned many things while training and was confident to get tables but still never got hired. The coworkers can even snitch on you for small mistakes too. What’s even worse is that I barely get any breaks, we are mostly on our feet and can’t sit down, so there are barely breaks. It is not worth it working for them at all.

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