Ohana Japanese Hibachi Seafood & Steakhouse

500 City Island Ave, Bronx
(718) 885-0700

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First time going. Very clean, the place is alittle small but it's a fun atmosphere the drinks were good.. I had chicken and steak with rice veg's very good food.. I will be going back and the workers are very nice and welcoming

Dachaosbringer Gaming

Fantastic place with fantastic chef that makes your evening wonderful. The food was great as well as the drinks. If it's your birthday you get a free entre and at the end of the day you get ice cream.

Jeanie Jee

Met friends for lunch and drinks. Good selection of combo meals and/or entrees to choose and watch the chef prepare the meals in front of us. Attentive wait service. On street or valet parking is available depending on time of arrival. Took home leftovers to satisfy any later snacking needs.

Chanelle P (Amour C)

I give this place 3 stars for accommodating our large group at the last minute for my mother in law's birthday. Other than that my experience was eh? Okay... Our chef was nice. The waiters responsible for the order taking should probably work on their social skills a little bit. They were a bit snippy and the restaurant was not packed or super busy. I had a margarita that I'm certain had no alcohol in it, so that was a waste. By the time the chef finished giving everyone their last portions off of the hibachi, the waiters already came out with to-go containers. It's like we were being rushed out. The food wasn't memorable or bad, it was just OKAY. I personally wouldn't go back. I have had better experiences at several different hibachi restaurants that did make me feel like they were rushing me out the door.

Jaszlynn Lynn

The food was great. We loved it so much.First time experience for my family and I. But the floor was really greecy. The bathroom was really nasty.They chose to go higher then a standard 15% tip and chose to increase it to 25% then on top of that they asked for a waiter tip and they charged us for an extra salad we didn't get. Always look over your recites people.

Jill Yammie

Food was not too bad, very salty though but what’s up with the 18% tip added to your bill then still ask for more tip. If you do not pay attention they will make you tip twice. They charge you a $5 fee and service charge. There is a board outside saying “WE DO NOT CHARGE A COVID FEE BECAUSE WE ARE ALL IN THIS” that is a joke more so a SCAM because they will try to charge you tips twice.DRINKS WAS GROSS AND WAY OVERPRICED.I probably try every restaurant on City Island and this was the worse by far.Oh and I forgot to mention the bathrooms both men and women were dirty very dirty. You cannot have a restaurant with dirty bathrooms, bathrooms should be cleaned often.NOT SURE WHY THIS PLACE HAVE A 4.3 Star rating when there are so many 1 star reviews.I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Edwin Gomez

Good drink, good food, for it being my first time in city island and also there on Father’s Day it was great. Stuff was friendly and attentive someone greeted you at the door. The chef was a great entertainment also. I had a great time.

Marco Martinez

A very happy family environment, that my children enjoyed not only the meal but also the showmanship of the hibachi chefs. One chef that stands out is Rafi/Rabi which really cooks a delicious meal and entertains the kids. Happy to say that is an enjoyable atmosphere.

Luis Lopez

Love this place. Great people.food is awesome. The chef are creative and funny. I recommend this spot

Hector Aleman

Nice ambiance and the workers are good people.

Amber Ruiz

This was the worst experience I ever had when dining. If I could give negative stars I would. I came with my sister and best friend. We were seated quick. However, we waited for about 15 min until our server came. He only came after this Caucasian couple sat in our table and the waiter took their order first. It took 15 min before we got our drinks and about 20 min for our appetizers. My sister ordered sweet plantains and it was not cook all the way. We only got one order of sushi given and was still waiting for the others. We canceled the rest of the order and left. We felt ignored and honestly felt as if we were mistreated because we were not locals. We are never coming to this restaurant again!

Alden Lowe

This spot provides awesome service as well as enjoyable menu. One of my favourite spots around here. The drinks and food served fast and the rates are economical. I recommend this place.

dee harris

The hibachi chef was entertaining and made a very tasty fried rice. My table mates insisted on light sodium and that was a good move. I did not like the decor. They really need to get new seating. The lighting was also too harsh and made it feel like a cafeteria. Again, the entertaining chef was the only reason I gave 3 stars.

Alejandra Silfa

Do not come here . I went today and found hair on the noodles after they served it , on the vegetables and then the rice . i walked right out! Did not let them finish serving us, disgusting !


Great experience, waiting time wasn't too long. The lady who cooked our food put on an excellent performance. Food was great and the tostones with garlic were really flavorful

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Ohana Japanese Hibachi Seafood & Steakhouse

500 City Island Ave, Bronx, NY 10464
(718) 885-0700