Teuta Qebaptore

603 E 186th St, Bronx
(646) 402-0405

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If you order to go, open the bag inside the restaurant to make sure there is a plate with meat and the other plate with the salad. You might randomly get two salads and no qebapas, especially if they forgot to take your order. The food is pretty good though

Michael Memedoski

The food is amazing

Samuil Martin

One of my favorite places to grab something to eat. convenient location, well kept, and very good service. 5 stars!

Doug H.

Good food. Good deal. We've never had Albanian food, so I can't compare like with like. We got a full loaf of bread delivered hot and fresh to the table, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The simple salad with cabbage and red onions was equally fresh and crispy. It also included a bit of true feta, a couple steps above what you get at the grocery store. For the entrees, we got the qebapa, qofte, suxhuk and chicken. The first three things, sausages and meat patties, we all very good. The suxhuk had a bit of a kick to it, and it was our favorite. The chicken was fine. But it's just a simple grill that would work for children or people not feeling adventurous. The portions were great. Two days later, we're still nibbling on them.

Jeton Shehu

The best place l recommend to everyone

Xinqiao Zhang

I wish they gave rice but the food is very tasty

Safat Chowdhury

Beautiful Albanian restaurant tucked in Little Italy. Great ambience, great prices, great food. I went in looking for authentic Albanian food for the first time and came out speaking Albanian. Thats how authentic it is. 100% recommend.

Shote Galica

I love this place. Food is amazing, fast service. I really love their light salad!


Delicious affordable Albanian food. Definitely recommends

Mohamed Almunteser

This place is amazing, from their food to every one who works there. A friend of mine recommended their suxhuk and I have been hooked since.

Stanley D.

Teuta Qebaptore was absolutely amazing. Overall, I think this is a great, fun spot. All so tasty and just fabulous flavors. Crew is incredibly friendly and will help you with anything. Teuta Qebaptore is a must go, wonderful spot I am so glad to have found.

Jeton Gjevukaj

Best food and best place to eat

Kenneth Trudeau

We had an excellent at this restaurant. We loved the first-rate ambience and the food. The staff were super personal. I am glad we eventually decided to visit this spot.

Kosov Hoti

The combo is the perfect amount of food and the suxhuk is 10/10.

Montgomery Makai

This spot knows how to take care of their customers. Consistently with a super nice demeanor. The food is affordably priced, always delightful and neat.

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