Tokyo House

5648 Riverdale Ave, Bronx
(718) 601-6877

Recent Reviews

J Parker

Enjoyed the delivery sushi. Good quality.

Wentworth David

Great food though price is a affordable some meals are too much for the quality. I recommend the salmon roll, spicy salmon roll, salmon avocado, tuna roll, Christmas roll, eel avocado, chicken and salmon teriyaki, miso soup, steamed or fried shumai, pork gyoza, or sashimi.

Anna B.

We are only 2.1 miles away and they would not deliver. They do not deliver over 2 miles. Did not even ask me what I wanted to order before deciding. My orders are always over $100 and we order often. Next time u should at least ask on order.

Angela Lopez

The food is amazing and the quantity for it it’s great. So delicious. Always a great choice.

M S.

I thoroughly enjoy this place. And appreciate the fact that they tailor their meals to exactly the way I want them. Very fast delivery service. Extensive menu. I'm not a frequent patron of Japanese restaurants, but this food is really very good. Highly recommend.

Vida A

I had the Salmon don tonight and it was a mouthwatering experience. The fish looked plump and fresh and tasted sweetly salty with just the right chew. Definitely ordering again and would recommend.

Lluvia W.

Tokyo House you are absolutely magnificent, I had a lovely experience here today. I love the atmosphere. I don't think Tokyo House has anything bad on their menu, Ginger Pork Entree is absolutely wonderful. And employees were really polite and courteous. I can't wait to return to Tokyo House.

Rick S.

This rating is based on my one (and only) experience with this restaurant. I ordered the Sushi Dinner and a salmon skin roll with spicy mayo. The order arrived quickly (Uber Eats) and and in good condition. The salmon skin roll was good. However, when I got to Sushi Dinner, the tuna roll had an odd, unpleasant taste, and I stopped after one piece. Some of the rest of the sushi items were OK, but I had the distinct impression that something wasn't right, perhaps the fish wasn't that fresh. I simply could not finish the meal. Sushi isn't new to me, I've eaten and loved it for many years - there was no novelty factor involved. I was very disappointed; on one hand I'd like to give this local business another chance, because as a performing artist I know many people in the food services as well as the arts who have been impacted by the pandemic, but I'm not sure I have the fortitude to go through this again. If I try them again and have a good experience I will update this review accordingly.

Alma J.

I love this place. They are fast and friendly. My favorite sushi is their sweet potato roll. Their lunch special is pretty good. You get. 3 rolls and a small soup for about 15dls.

Tally N.

Good sushi deals, fast delivery but ok food. Could be fresher. Flavor was OK. Also rolls were kinda messy. Maybe lunch rush? No idea but not bad. Willing to try again.

Mateo Trujillo

Excellent environment and very friendly service. The food was crisp and delightful. Will definitely recommend this place to others. Convenient prices and generous meals. Keep up the great work.

Ivan Burnett

Great Sushi but no good delivery options.


I love their sushi, especially the spicy roll combo. Very fair pricing on their lunch menu. Very kind and polite staff.

Lucienne P.

I regularly order takeout lunch and dinner from this place while working from home during Covid, and the food is consistently good.  People who work there are always nice, and they fill out orders quickly.  Glad to have this option in the neighborhood.

Actual sitting area in restaurant is really small and doesn't seem all that pretty to look at, so I don't think I would actually like dining in.  Highly recommend for takeout.

Carmen Franklin

Hands down one of the best sushi spots in the Riverdale area. Service is pretty good except when the waitress is the only person running around..theres 2 waitresses but ine is always handling the phones. went last week for hubbys bday..he had something different..ginger pork bento box and i had my usual mixed tempura and the waitress was kind enough to give us 2 scoops of ice cream-no charge! Food is always on the mark!

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