Emack & Bolio's: Fort Greene

741 Fulton St, Brooklyn
(347) 987-3944

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C.E. Hewan

Ordered three flavors as this is a ice cream new spot I am trying out. Yoooooo, they were all delicious. Trying to maintain a level of self control and not eat them all at one time, but no promises. They are all yummy!!!!!!!

Luciano Singer

Way too many choices, it was my 2nd only time visiting, different location but same great taste.

ReaneeB435 Bain

I love the butter pecan, however, I had a major issue regarding service. I’d rather not post a bad review because I hope that if it is brought to the owners’s attention, offline, it can be corrected.Dear Owner - I appreciate your reply, however, your answer is based on your assumption of what you think that the issue is - I occasionally frequent your establishment - so it was not my first time - I didn’t want to post it, tried to do it offline - There was a violation of NYC Health Codes - and it was not the first time I had witnessed it - I didn’t say anything the first time - I addressed it to the server this time but it was ignored. I regret bringing the issue up because I guess that as long as the flavors taste good then it doesn’t matter to your customers.

June Choi

The blueberry crumble is my all time favorite flavor. I moved out of NYC a couple years ago - this was on the top of the list to revisit-and-eat the next time I was back in NYC!

Herbs For Lyfe

The vegan mango is what you should get. I think about that flavor in my sleep!! Lolo

Pauline W

We love this place. The staff are friendly and the kids loves their varieties of ice cream ?.

Amy Miller

Great ice cream -- just as good as I remember from years ago in Boston!!! So creamy and yummy!

Sean C. Koop

Delicious ice cream options, definitely worth to check it out.They also offer Vegan options and a doggie sundae which is really nice. Our dog couldn't get enough of it and I think that's the best indicator for a good place. ?

Jasmine Williams

Cute and small ice cream shop in the ft greene/downtown area. Several flavors. Vegan options available. Toasted coconut is yummy. Go check it out if you are in the area.

Douglas Haddad

Huge servings to match the price. Heavy and rich ice creams. Too much for me. Ice cream was great but too heavy.

Kylie Sirico

If you don't live close to this location, please reconsider ordering here.I placed an order at 8:45 pm and it says that comes at 11 pm. When the platform says it will take less than an hour to arrive.Decided to cancel and was disappointed in the experience.Why is it taking so long? It's just ice cream...

Sara Pouche

yum! unlimited samples...very nice sundae for the birthday boy!

Jennifer Rogers

Delicious!!! Must have! I dream of ice cream ?

Dji Cam

So delicious ice cream??! And a nice team ? .....go go go!!!!!

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Emack & Bolio's: Fort Greene

741 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
(347) 987-3944