Bon Appetit Cafe

80 Wolf Rd, Colonie
(518) 459-2180

Recent Reviews

Erin Grice

I ordered the falafel wrap, which was made right in front of me, and it was AMAZING! The owners were so kind, the man working there introduced himself to me and gave me a free muffin just for tipping! I will definitely be coming back, they made my whole day?

Donna L.

The owners are lovely and very accommodating. The food is very good and always fresh. The koshari is great. Where else are you going to get Egyptian street food?

Pavel V.

Came here for the first time and the place smells so good! The sweetest lady served us an omelette and breakfast sandwich and it was AMAZING!!!! Nothing beats the prices. Will definitely never forget this place and will be coming back.

Maryann Franklin

Amazing food! Love the husband and wife owners. They made us feel like family, and insisted we try a rather large portion sample of their traditional dish. It was all delicious, but those were probably the best fries I've ever had!

Franklin Hsia

Excellent food. Large portions. Falafel platter was great.

Heather Pace

Outstanding food, perfect service! I recommend everything on the menu. Go outside of your comfort zone - It's all delicious!!

Joseph Padin

The best bbq chicken quesadilla

Mark Pecor

Everything about Bon Appetit is great from their super cheap, freshly made breakfast sandwiches and omelettes to their authentic Falafel and Koshari. My coworkers and I love the couple that owns/runs the place. They are always willing to tailor something to fit your taste and to keep you coming back. They always greet you with a smile. If you work on Wolf Rd and have the time head into the rear entrance to 80 Wolf rd and try this place. Their garlic french fries make the world turn and their homemade

Tsvi Gold

Great for an inexpensive short-order style meal; Prices unbeatable for a greasy hot breakfast.

Sarah M.

This is a divie kitchen type place located in an office building across from trader Joes on Wolf road. If you come in from the front of the building you need to walk to the right and back of the bank. the smell permeates the entire floor so you can't miss it. There is a little seating area to the side but I'm not sure if I would have wanted to stay to eat. I live close by and brought it home. It's definitely a family run place there were 2 people behind the counter a man and a woman and then there was a woman sitting in the corner supervising maybe a mother I'm not sure. The woman that took my order had a thick accent but was super friendly and quick to make my food. I ordered a chicken platter based on pictures I had seen online in other people's Yelp reviews. The chicken platter came with chicken breast cubed that looked like it had been boiled or steamed and was a little dried out. A salad which came with romaine lettuce and various vegetable toppings that you could add or take away. I told them I'd take anything but onions so it came with broccoli cabbage carrots Banana peppers and my choice of dressing. It also came with a scoop of what I thought was chicken salad at 1st but after tasting it I found out that it was a feta cheese spread with onions and peppers mixed in; a little bit spicy but quite tasty. It came with a semi stale piece of pita bread and dill tzatziki sauce on top of the chicken. They also gave me their special Egyptian rice which was toasted Brown rice with slivered toasted almonds, cranberries and raisins. It had a slightly bitter aftertaste that kind of helped balance some of the sweetness from the fruit and was quite tasty but I was sad to see them heat it up in the microwave. If you're in the area and looking for a cheap, quick lunch that gives you quantity over quality then I would definitely recommend stopping by and checking this place out. $6.95 portion was quite large, enough for 2 people.

rishi jadeja

Little hidden gem tucked away in an office building. Good tasting lunch and good bang for the buck.

Hannah M.

Owners are super friendly and food is super good! Wow!! What a find! Too bad it's hidden away inside a non-descript office building.

Sal Commisso

Couple running the place are so nice and food is great!

Frances L.

Finally ate at this highly rated (Yelp etc.) spot with an Egyptian flair that is justifiable called a "hidden gem." (It is tucked away in an office building directly across from Trader Joes on Wolf Road.) Looking forward to returning another day before or after our weekly shopping trip to TJs. The friendly owners/cooks are sincerely interested in serving healthy foods with fresh ingredients that taste exceptional. We each took a lot of our lunch selection home to enjoy later. Retirement is nice. Tossed salad is customized with ingredients you select. The owner came to our table to ask if we liked the food. Prices are unbelievable for quality and quantity of delicious food. We had no problem finding a table and getting served quickly at 11:30 on a Friday.

Richard H.

Now here is a café that is super Duper excellent! The food is always fresh, they are always friendly, and the price is reasonable. I have never been to a more efficiently run operation! Boy they do work hard! Nice job!

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