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13 Iron

cheese slice very bland...much better pizza available close byitalian mix bread a bit stale, stingy on the meat... cashier said we only have "footlongs" but good thimg not described that way on the menu cuz barely broke 10" mark lol

Nicholas Deady

This pizza makes my soul happy

Carly Busse

I've lived in Albany for 5 years and finally tried Sarabella Pizza. It is now my favorite pizza place in the Capital Region. The Bianca pizza is to die for. The cookies are also really good.

Cristina Phillips

Consistently delicious and great customer service. Delivery has been quick and food arrives piping hot!

Maggie D.

I really tried to like Sara Bella because of the good reviews, but each time I ordered from there I was left disappointed. Tonight I ordered 10 wings medium & a chicken parm dinner. The wings were undercooked & had practically no crisp. The medium sauce they were tossed in had no flavor, no level of spice, & was mostly grease. It was like eating wings tossed in grease. I've had much better wings from pizza establishments in Colonie (that charge less). The chicken parm dinner was essentially 3 chicken tenderloins, over ziti. It did come with bread & salad which was nice. But for the price I expected more chicken. Like I said, there's other pizza places in Colonie that give you enough to feed 2 people for the same price. With better quality food as well! Safe to say I'm done ordering from there.

Eric A.

Great pizza! Great Salad. friendly attentive and respectful. We were visiting from out of town and staying at a hotel near the airport. They helped with a food allergy, took our order quickly and we picked up a veggie pizza and Chef's salad. Fresh, hot, ready on time, the crust was just right, sauce and cheese was balanced and spicy. Simply good food with a great level of service.When we're back in town we will definitely visit Sarabella's again. We look forward to exploring more of the menu.

T B.

First time trying this place, heard great things from other people. Placed order via an app and called to confirm. Woman who answered was super nice. Food was delivered on time and was hot. Food looked ok but had little flavor. I got fried items they were clearly straight from freezer so just bread crumb flavor. Pizza crust just meh and even though we go a ton of toppings- no flavor - not even salty.We ate a little and threw the rest out.I might try these guys again becuase the service was good- maybe just an off night for food.

Big Travis

I was likein the place , it’s right up the street and the $5 deal is nice but the last 3 times I went there NO slices we’re available twice and ancient looking slices once , at that point why open the door , virtue signal with a contactless pick up table out front , each time when I asked if any slices were coming out the answer was a quick and definitive NO , those canoli are nice tho

Alexa B.

Horrible experience. It was our second time ordering from SaraBella and the first time was decent. This time we ordered a large 8-cut veggie pizza online through their website and with tax and delivery it came to $27 which is outrageous IMO but we were hungry so whatever. Delivery time said 45 minutes on their website. After an hour I called just to make sure they received the order, I get nervous with online ordering, but it's easier when paying with a credit card. The guy who answered was nice but he was telling me that since I ordered through Grubhub they can't guarantee delivery times but assured me it would be out the door in 10-12 minutes. I told him I ordered on his website and it said 45 minutes, to which he then checked and apologized and said I would get my pizza soon. Well, another hour later (we were hangry by this point) the pizza came. I opened the box and immediately was disappointed. It was LOADED with cheese and barely any veggies! There were black olives but not much else. The pizza tasted okay but too cheesy and I was overall just upset about the 2 hour wait, the price, and the absence of veggies. My fiancé was really mad and didn't even want to eat it at that point. We will not be ordering from there again.

Mia Murphy

One of my favorite local pizzaria's. We've been going here for years. They always have perfect and delicious pizza whether it be for lunch for yourself or to order for a large party. Always have had great customer service here and the owners are very sweet too!

James H.

I ordered just a chicken sandwich for delivery. It was outstanding. And yes, you can screw up a sandwich. It was fresh and hot. Driver was great. Thank you

M Rose

I give them 4 stars because of their customer service and i love their chicken wings! However, if you like a decent amount of meat on a cold sub, you will have to ask for extra. Besides the wings, I ordered an italian hero with the usual fixings plus mayo and banana peppers. The sandwich was fresh tasting however there were more banana peppers, bread, and veggies than slices of meat. I thought they had my order wrong so I took my sandwich apart and there was 1 slice of each meat. That's it. I barely noticed it as I bit into the sandwich because it was sliced paper thin. If they added a few more slices that would've been great. Also there was only 2 shaved slices of provolone. I will try their pizza but I will not go here for their subs.

Taylor A.

We love SaraBella! I love how they already have your info confirmed when you call in! They food always comes pretty quick and hot! My husband loves the square pizza and I love the classic round, so we have to switch every time but it is always good! I love the honey bbq boneless wings they are amazing! Last time, I got chicken Parm, soooo cheesy! It came with a fresh salad I had for 2 days!

Gina Campagna

Sara Bella ?? My favorite place. My real name is Melissa not sure who why I’m listed on google as Gina ??‍♀️Everything and everyone at Sara Bella is A # 1 in my book. They’re prompt, courteous, friendly & the food is delicious. I eat there a few times a week! They know my name and are my pals. I love the place & everyone who works there. They take care of their staff and customers. It’s obvious by everyone’s attitude ♥️It’s the best little pizzeria in the capital region. 10 stars ⭐️ for Sara Bella!

Christine Rodriguez

Great company that came to the rescue for a cool HS percussion ensemble when a donor bailed!! Generosity is what gets you good Karma!! Thank you for yours SaraBella!!!

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