Peking House

18523 Union Tpke, Queens
(718) 454-9230

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Angel Burgos

Great tasing dishes at a decent price.

Hsin Yi Wei

We got on their Fried Chicken Meal wait list after my husband saw the chef’s story on Hypebeast. The wait was over a month and we finally received the online order form. There are only a few options available including the Signature Fried Chicken Set with 3 sides and Fried Cauliflower Set for Vegetarian option.We had 1 order of each set and did a pick-up from Peking House. The decor looked humble, old-fashioned and vintage. We didn't check inside but won't consider to dine there even if they open for dining in.They packed the food well but the portion was small compared to its price, only 4 pieces of chicken and 3 pieces of Cauliflower. My husband loved how they did the seasoning, but it's too spicy and too heavy for me and I even couldn't remove the skin since it was stuck to the meat perfectly.I really couldn't tell why it is so popular since the chicken was also really dry. At least the chicken broth and sides were good, especially the broth, which was flavorful and light.

H “Lord Destu” F

Chicken was tasty and well done. Very spicy heat that builds the more you eat. A nice burn. The sides were not very tasty. Also ordered dirty rice. Meat content was so small you couldn't taste it bland needed a pop. A little pricy for what you get. This after being on a waiting list about a month.

Jeremy Romine

Amazing fried chicken and sides! The waitlist can be 5 to 8 weeks, which is a testament to its popularity. This is no gimmick and is worth every penny and every day of waiting! The skin is so perfectly crisped and spiced. Just the right mix of tingly hot (not too hot) and delicious spices (so flavorful) while the pieces remain moist on the inside. Generous portions and the beans salad is hard to explain- it's that good. I'm also a huge fan of their delicious fried rice. Other standout sides consist of interesting twists on cucumbers and eggplant. The chef has a stellar reputation and this chicken delivery special lives up to the hype. Lastly, I have emailed the restaurant several times with minor questions/ clarification and they are ALWAYS very responsive and provide excellent service. Can't wait to try the restaurant in person. For now we are out of commission with a 15 month old ;)

Joanna Wong

After waiting several weeks, finally got the chance to try the acclaimed Pecking House menu. The pricing was more than I expected but everything was pretty tasty. The chicken was pretty tasty but coated in so much spice that it was a hard to eat and really enjoy without fingers full of oil. The sides were decent; my favorite was the eggplant with its unique XO sauce and shellfish flavor. The real winner here though was the coconut Panna Cotta - that miso caramel! So tasty I ate my share before a customary photo. All in all, good food but I don't know if I would want to pay so much for a second meal. Maybe when everything is safer with indoor dining.

Homero Tavora

Chinese food used to be good back in the day. Now it appears to be processed. Food is bland, containers got smaller, prices went up!

BL Power

Been to many fried chicken restaurants all over the country... Nashville, Louisiana, Kentucky, you name it, I've been there.Was hoping this was worth the wait.Nope. Not at all.Over spiced, not much else in terms of flavor, and too oily.After having two pieces, my stomach feels like it's about to churn.The sides were good but def would not recommend the chicken.Instead go to ur local pollo campero.

pa pan

The fried chicken is different and best. The sides are different and tasty

Christine Pearson

PLEASE OPEN. My most favorite restaurant with wonderful memories. Miss the fantastic food and staff

Daniel F.

Like many others, we ordered via the website and being on the waitlist. $35 for 3 pieces of fried chicken and 3 small sides. A lot of mixed reviews from all my friends and my opinion fell somewhere in the middle. It's not bad, but also not the best fried chicken meal I ever had. I think for the price it was expensive for what you get. The chicken is overly seasoned but the meat was moist and juicy. The sides were good though. In fact I enjoyed the sides more than the chicken itself. However the sides were beans, eggplants, and cucumbers. None of them were expensive ingredients to warrant the set price of the combo in my opinion. We ordered the rice and panna cotta as well. These two dishes were really good and I recommend you getting them.. maybe even instead of the chicken. Overall, a good meal but a little on the pricey side. With so much hype on this place. I would say to try it once and form your own opinion. For me, I think Ill get some Popeyes next time Im craving some fried chicken.

Chris B.

This one is very difficult to score because so many things go into it. Overall, the chicken is very good. Solid crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside with a ton of flavor, and that's before putting on their delicious hot sauce. But, I'm not sure it is worth the full 3 month waiting time and the price. I'm glad I got to experience it, but don't think I'd go out of my way to do it again. The sides were a little disappointing in my opinion and the dessert was meh. That could also be on the fact it was delivered quite a long way (Brooklyn from queens). One other positive is the staff was super friendly and helpful. I had to reschedule my delivery because I wouldn't be home and they were very accommodating.

Marcello E.

The chicken tastes good but not for the price you're paying. I'm a believer that high end did should have a higher cost to it but this was basically a spicy flavored Popeyes chicken but instead of paying $10 for three small pieces you paid $35. The three sides it came seth were very good but overall I wouldn't get it again. The whole marketing of this to Amp up people to try it was well done and very successful but that's all it is. Overly hyped fried chicken that's overly priced. Plus having to wait 4 months for this was also a total killjoy.

Jenny Z.

Considering this was a 3 month wait and $32 chicken, I expected the chicken to be pretty solid. Sad to say, I am not a fan. Chicken was not super juicy or tender. It was also not that spicy but had a sweet tang. Not a good combo for me. The cauliflower was a bit too soft imo. Sides were strange but ok. I much prefer the $12 fried chicken from ktown. Maybe 3 for just chicken. 2 stars accounting for value.

Peter R.

I know times are hard for restaurants these days but I have to say this was really disappointing. This is a very unusual fried chicken and you should know that going in. it has very warm almost Moroccan style course breading it is very spicy and also quite greasy. The sides are also very unusual and more misses than hits although I will say the bean salad was delicious. Obviously there is a clientele for this food but it is not me. And the price is outrageous for what you get. Just be warned this is a bit of a culinary adventure and if you're looking for a good fried chicken dinner I think there are better and certainly more reasonable options in NYC.

Michee C.

After waiting who knows how long to be graced with an email letting me know I can finally order this super popular fried chicken. You best believe I ordered one of everything! That came up to be the most expensive fried chicken meals I have ever gotten. Chili Fried Chicken was coated with an immense flavor of peppers, that it was a bit overwhelming and tasted sweet. I was astonished to find that after an hour of sitting in the bag the crust was still crispy like it just came out of the frier. That is a feat in and of itself. The chicken, although very crispy, was not as juicy as I expected to be still nice and tender though. Chili Fried Cauliflower same crispy crunchy coating enrobing a very tender chunk of cauliflower. I liked the caulifower more actually. If you love love Hot Sauce then you probably will like their hot sauce, it is an extra .50 cents. I mean I love hot sauce but this was too much, mixed in with the chili coating. It packed a mean punch, watch out! On to the sides: Charred Cucumbers with Ginger, Butter Bean Salad with Cilantro and Sesame and Marinated Eggplant with XO Sauce. While I liked the fried chicken and cauliflower. I very much enjoyed the sides more and in that order. The side dishes had such great flavors of smoky, creamy, and bright flavors that balanced out the main dish. Dirty Fried Rice with Poblano Peppers. This was a great simple fried rice, that seemed like it was cooked with a flavored oil or a wicked hot wok, and wasn't spicy at all. It paired well with the dishes since it was a nice mellow base. Bone broth. not had a chance to eat it because I am waiting to use it in noodle soup or congee but my friend really enjoyed it. Peanut Butter Pudding with Chocolate Ganache, Cacao Nib. I still have not tasted this yet because I haven't had the chance to. According to my friend and mother, they like it but it is very decadent and sweet. I am very excited to try it. Overall, I think the chicken was good but the sides are better.

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