Famous Deli & Grill

15723 Rockaway Blvd, Jamaica
(718) 723-1886

Recent Reviews

Nubia Manzano

a never-come-back ?

family thingz

Its a nice deli and has alot of options to choose from

Michael Samules


Nanz Sai

Very Friendly & Happy Staff, Always a pleasure spending my money here! There so helpful & polite, Clean & Well Organized store that has almost everything you would need in a bottega! Oh! The Male Cook is Amazing, Quick & Clean! He makes the best food! Make sure to tip him because he deserves it!

tamara stoddart

They got my order wrong.Then when I called to notify them about the order the lady hung up on me.I called back and a male answered the phone and lied to me telling me they dont deliver .I have the wrong store.They won't get my services again.

damon fields

Not so nice

Ramon Rodriguez

Idk what people under me talking about that this is a great deli. The owners are the only people that are friendly and is only because they are owners. The deli workers have terrible manners and are not as friendly. Been in and out for a few weeks now and is always the same service they need different deli workers I let the register guy know and all he says is maybe you are the problem? But he sees this happening and doesn’t correct his deli workers. If he does (they will all leave because is like a whole family he has working in the deli)and he will be stuck. So I kinda get it but is no excuse for him to let his deli worker mistreat customers.

Jamila Keaton

Pretty good food

C Muller

My favorite neighborohood deli, great sandwiches. Other food also.

Kalai Kalima

Love this deli people are very friendly. Always have what I want.

tina black

The food was not so bad.

Abu Amir Omar

Breakfast matters

Reginald Anderson

Breakfast matters

Fernando Levano

Good chicken

Gestapo Spies

Love this place. I go for the Gyro! Some Mystic Carrot juice and I’ve found nirvana.

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