Ganda Sushi Express

8008 Surrey Pl, Jamaica
(718) 380-1818

Recent Reviews

Sleepy Panda

The employees are so kind, my aunt and I love going here. They’re good is delicious and the price is right. 10/10 I would recommend to go here if you want to try sushi for the first time and fall in love with it. :)

Boripat Phansaithong

You will never find any place that comes close to the value you get here for your money. Lunch bento boxes are priced $9 to $11 and they all come with your main dish, rice, miso soup, salad, California roll and shrimp and vegetable tempura. I was skeptical that the food might be mediocre because of the price but when I ate it I found it was just as good if not better than the other sushi places around the area.

Teng Ma

Best sushi in the town. Made by Japanese! Love No.23 combo.

Edward Ilyasov

Been going to this place since 10 years ago. Same couple that owns it, this place always serves the freshest, simple sushi and amazingly priced lunch specials. $8 for 2 rolls, salad, soup… like… bruh. Recently ive been too busyto cook myself lunch, so ive literally been here 2-3 times per week for the past 2 months. Love this place!

Jason Zheng

Good sushi for the price , the staff are friendly too

Mina Hu

Really good sushi. Small store front but lots of care and attention to the food.

Allyson B.

Best delivery spot and pick up spot in queens for sushi. They make it fresh and accommodating! I asked to make a sushi platter without sesame seeds because some people are allergic. They made the platter so nice and without sesame seeds. Thank you so much!


I absolutely love this place!!! Everyone is so nice and accommodating to all kinds of requests. I order from here at least once a week because I appreciate having a dependable positive experience. 100 % to all the employees that work there and thank you!!

Kevin Qiu

Everything is decent, but the reason I am giving it five stars is because the owner's son is the real snack.

blah blah blah

Pretty good sushi place. Service is nice and I really like the food.


Tried Ganda’s on a whim because I was nearby and craving a good unagi roll. I checked out their menu and saw they had platters and decided to get one. I got an 80-piece assorted roll platter that cost $50 ($54 with taxes). They prepared it rather quickly and it was ready for pick up within 20 minutes I believe. They gave a decent amount of ginger and soy sauce dipping cups. The owner was waiting for me when I got there and helped me out the door with my order. She was so warm and welcoming. So that’s the service. The rolls? AMAZING! Everything was so fresh and delicious. In retrospect, 80 rolls was a LOT, lol, but I had it for about 5 meals! The unagi roll was delish with the sauce and I particularly enjoyed the lil zing of the spicy tuna rolls. I’m definitely coming back here to get more rolls and try everything else!

Jay M.

Ganda sushi is actually one of my favorite places to go. The people there are very nice and their food is made fresh, including the rolls. I'm a big fan of their bento boxes as well as their miso soup, and in all honesty their miso soup is the only one I actually like out all other restaurants I've tried. I truly feel like this place is an undiscovered gem. It's a shame that i discovered them during the pandemic and I can't wait to see how they roll when we get back to normal.

Amanda W

Delicious! Fresh! Good price and VERY nice service!


Very busy but friendly staff and delicious food.

Nora L.

Some of the nicest staff I have ever met. Everything from the food to the service is above and beyond. The woman is attentive, sweet, and patient. The food never fails to impress me. Whether you are dining in or taking out this restaurant has Amazing prices and quality.

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